I sat with Ethan in his room. "Something bad's gonna happen." He said straghtening up.

"Any clue when or where?"

"School. But we can't get in."

"Scuse me..." I lifted a janging ring full of keys. Ethan grinned, and we walked together to school. We wandered round from a bit, before Ethan stopped, still. He pointed. A peice of paper stuck out of the top of my locker. I took it out, looked, and almost screamed. Tears rolled down my cheeks, and I cried silently. Ethan took me in his arms. I translated the scribbles into words. Another peice of paper fell to the floor. Five words, with a list of names.

Let's play a little game:











I screamed. Ethan picked me up, holding the list. It was counting down. It hadn't meant to get Nick. It had meant to get Julez next. Ethan held me to his chest as we ran. Into a cafe. I cried softly. Three heads turned round. Jerry. Ellie. Unknown. Ethan placed me down into a seat. I shook, eyes wide. Other hands gripped hold of me. Jerry's hands. Ethan handed him the coded message and the list He bit his lip.

I snatched them back, holding them to me. Ethan held me close to his chest. "They're going to kill us. One by one. they're coming to get us!" I whispered.

"You're safe now. You're safe. I've got you."

"No. They're not going to do this." I snarled.

"No...They're not taking you away from me. None of you..." I shook my head, saying. I tood, jelly legged. I walked outside. No one was there.

"YOU HEAR ME? I KNOW YOU'RE THERE. YOU CAN PLAY YOUR LITTLE GAME WITH ME, BUT NOT THEM, Y'HEAR? Let's play a little game..." I screamed. A loud chuckle came out. I walked, away from the cafe, to our place. The place Raiku and I always met.He lay there, smashed glass round him, a glass of what I guessed was strychnine. I poured some into a small bottle, and stoppered it. I held him close. Ethan placed his hands on my shoulders.

"He was in no pain. Strychnine kills you quickly. He had no pain..." Ethan said, stroking my hair. Raiku's hands were cut by the glass.  I picked up his body, and walked into the streeT. Laughter schoed.

"YOU THINK THIS IS FUNNY? SICK MUCH? I DON'T CARE WHO YOU ARE, WHO ARE YOU?!?!" I kneeled down, stroking his head. I whispered frech in his ear softly. "No..."

The End

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