Ellie: Her Own Mother?!

When Jerry arrived, I thought he'd be shocked. But he wasn't. I don't think he'd ever even met Ally's Uncle. 

I smiled at Jerry as he sat down and pecked my cheek. I kept my eyes on Max.

"Jerry, this is Max. Ally's uncle." I said. Then the shock hit him. He looked at him wide-eyed. 

"Hello." He managed with a loud swallow, making me and Max chuckle. 

"Look. The reason we're both here is because, we both don't know who killed Ally. Jerry was her boyfriend before she was murdered. We just, want to know." I whispered. 

Max looked stressed as he sighed heavily and covered his eyes with his hands. Once he took them off he had tears in them and he was red, "Ally was a bright girl. Beautiful, intelligent. But her parents didn't agree with her. They never thought she was good enough. Or that she was normal. 

"My brother's wife, Ally's mother, had tried countless times to try and kill her own daughter. Whether it was slitting her wrists in the bath, putting her neck to a hot cooker and not letting go. Her mother was unwell, and didn't know what she was doing.

"Then that day came. My brother was on his way home from work when he got a phone call. Alice's mother had poisoned her and left her to die in the middle of a subway station, where her mother made a run for it and was never seen again. My brother's been a mess since." He finally finished, and by the time he was in tears, along with Jerry who had never heard any of this before. 

This was nothing like i'd expected it to be.  Her own mother?!

The End

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