Ellie: Ally's Uncle

So we were back at school again. Nick turned out fine. but that kid Raiku was kind of creeping me out. And Jade was a little bit too. She'd been acting really strange lately. Too strange. 

I attempted to ignore it. And wanted to head down to the subway station after school alone out of suspicion and boredom. Of course Jerry didn't agree.

"I don't think you should go down there again. Most of the trouble is down there. Train crashes, murders. It isn't safe. " 

"Jerry, please. You can trust me. And if anything happens I have your number on speed dial yeah?" I won at persuading him and he finally let me go. 



It wasn't late, and it wouldn't be dark for a while considering it was summer. So i'd be safe for a pretty long time. I got a ticket to our closest town and hopped onto the subway, where people pushed and shoved through the doors, desperate for a seat. 

While I was being pushed and shoved in between it all, a tough-skinned hand grabbed my arm and pulled me out of the train onto the platform. The doors finally closed to the train and it zoomed off through the dimly lit tunnel. I looked down at the hand then to the person who owned it. 

He looked mid-30's. Bald. Quite tall. But didn't look like a bad person. He took me at my shoulders and shook me.

"Ally?! What...what are you doing alive?!" he shouted as I jerked off of him. 

"For the last time. I AM NOT ALLY PRIOR OKAY?!" I screamed at him in frustration. 

"But...who are you then?" 

"I could ask the same for you." I nodded once suspiciously. 

"I'm Max Prior. I'm Alice's uncle."

"I'm Ellie. People think I look like your niece. But, i'm curious about her death. Do you know what happened? I have a friend who'd be pretty happy to meet you." I smiled. 

"Sure. Call them up. We'll have some coffee." he said politely, as we walked to the cafe and I dialled Jerry's number.

The End

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