Ellie: Yes Mother, I Understand

I hadn't been to the windmill in a while. 

It was nice to be back. 

I rested my head on Jerry's shoulder, snuggling into his warm chest while he wrapped his arm around me. I'd forgotten how pretty the stars were. Which upsets me, I shouldn't be forgetting things as important as that. Jerry pointed to a bright circle in the far west. 

"That's Saturn. " he smiled as I looked up at it. 

"Saturn's pretty." We both stared at it.

"I agree with you on that one..." he sighed. I cuddled into him more, closing my eyes, "Don't fall asleep, Ellie." Jerry chuckled. 

"But-" I yawned, "I'm so tired..." Jerry chuckled again and picked me up, slinging me on his back and carrying me home. I was worried if I was putting too much weight on him, but he didn't complain once, and carried me as if i was a rag doll as I finally fell asleep, resting my cheek on his shoulder. 


I woke up in my bed, alone. It was light outside. What had I missed? 

I got out of bed, noticing I was fully clothed from last night. I took all of my clothes off and changed into one of my dad's big t-shirts and Jerry's jacket that I stole off of him, and tip-toed down stairs. 

My mother was sat at the kitchen table, sipping at a coffee and my father was reading a newspaper, munching on toast. 

"Good-morning." I smiled happily, opening the fridge and taking out a carton of orange juice, drinking it from the bottle.

"Don't do that honey." Mum said, as I wiped my mouth and put it back in the fridge, sitting opposite her at the breakfast bar. "Jerry dropped you off last night," she sipped her coffee, "We spoke to him while you were asleep." I looked up at her.

"Oh right...what did you say?" I asked. 

"He loves you a lot, Eleanor. And, me and your father have finally realised that if he's important to you then we'll stay here. We won't move." I gave a grin.

"Thank you, thank you thank you!" I shouted happily. 

"But. No parties unless with Jerry. No getting back after 12:00pm. And...no attempted murder. Understand?" she eyed me cautiously. 

"Yes, mother. I understand."

The End

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