Oh for fu....

Back at the hospital once more, seeing Nick, laying there. Ethan slid his arm round me, titing my head up, and kissed me. Somewhere inside me a monster roared in triumph.

I smiled. Those eyes. His beautiful eyes. Nothing mattered but him. He blinked rapidly, coming to grips with what he had just done. I giggled as I watched Ellie and Jerry together.

"J...J...Jade?!" Ethan and I whiped round. Raiku, hand on stomach, heaving for breathe.

"Ah...I think we just got busted." whispered Ethan in my ear. Tears appeared in Raiku's eyes. He made a lung at me, but Ethan was too quick. A flash of silver.

"Hey, that's mine!!!" I yelled. They stopped. Raiku went red. The pendant lay on his chest. A silver J with a tiny royal sapphire in the top corner. More tears sprung to Raiku's eyes. He unfastened the necklace, and pelted it at Ethan, who caught it neatly.

"I'll get you. I'll get you Ethan. You'll regret ever stealing her heart from me." he growled.

"Raiku...?" I whispered.

"Jade?!?!" breathed Raiku, eyes wide.

"There was nothing to steal. My heart belongs to Ethan."

Raiku started to back up. Before running, he hissed, "I'll kill you.", before running. Ethan fastened the necklace round my neck.

"Oh for fu..."

"Language!" chuckled Jerry.

"Hey, how many death threats we had now?" Ethan asked, wrapping his arms round me. I laid my head against his chest. This was the start of a very bumpy ride.

The End

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