Ellie: Are You Alright?!

Me and Jerry ran out of school at the end of the day, hearing the news about Nick from Julianna before she left. He'd collapsed.

Me and Jerry pushed through the doors as the bell went, trying to beat the school traffic when I stopped and saw a boy weezing on the ground. He'd been punched in the stomach. I ran over to him.

"Ellie, we don't have time-"

"Sure we do. Nick will be alright." I smiled and bent down to the boys level. He looked familiar, though i'd never really met him, only seen him around school a few times. "Excuse me? Are you alright?" He looked up at me quickly.

"Ally?! Bu-bu-bu...you're dead?!" he shouted at me in shock, making me jump.

"You might be mistaking me for Ally Prior. She died a while ago. We look sortof alike apparently...but my name's Ellie." I gave him my hand and helped him up.

"It's um...nice to meet you." he looked at me strangly, slightly confused.

"Well, I hope you're alright. But we really have to go. Good-bye!" I shouted as Jerry ended up picking me up in such a rush for his friend to get into the hospital.

When we finally got there, he let me down and we ran through the hospital, pulling the curtain back to see Nick.

"Is he alright?! What happened!"

The End

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