When morning came me and Julliana walked to school and we saw Jade and Ethan walking confidently together.I winked at them and Julliana asked if they were together. Jade sounded nervous by the question which sent a troubled shiver down Ethans face. He obviously thought they were together but for some reason Jade was reluctant to admit it.

When we got to school I saw a boy come up to Jade and Ethan. The boy was getting into a heated argument with Ethan and then Ethan lifted him by the shirt and when he put him down again the boy was more subdued. I rushed over and asked who he was. Jade told me his name was Raiku and he was a close friend of hers who she guessed liked her alot. She also said he nearly blurted it out in the argument. I saw then why she was reluctant to admit Ethan and herself had anything between them. She didn't want to hurt Raiku even if she didn't love him back.

We went to our first class and I noticed Raiku sat in the desk behind us,probably to hear anything he could about Jade and Ethan. I couldn't concentrate for most of that class. Things started to drift and go blurry. The heat was unbearable. I felt like I was going to pass out and then I realised I had been targeted. I tried to signal to Julliana next to me and she realised something was wrong and asked the teacher if she could take me to the doctor. Ethan cam too and,one on each side,the supported me to the medical room. I stumbled many times but they didn't let go of me.

We entered the medical room and I was hanging limply with my eyes open but not seeing anything.Julliana and Ethan explained what was wrong and in 5 minutes I was in an ambulance going to the hospital. I was scared then,somehow we were being picked off one by one without a clue how to stop it and as easily as crushing an ant. I had feared for Julliana,feared that she would be taken, it was a fear that kept me up at night. I would be utterly heartbrocken if I had lost Julliana. But now it was me who looked likely to go first. Then I drifted into a dreamless coma. 

The End

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