Ellie: Too Late To Be Sorted Out

Rumours began to spread. And suddenly the train crash was mine and Jerry's fault, and the whole of our school practically hated us. I couldn't turn my back away now. 

Jerry kept me comforted while we walked through school, has hand tight in mine, giving me and gentle squeeze whenever someone gave me a dirty look. Which was often. 

I then walked into english with him, we were both late to class and as soon as we walked in it was like a thousand eyes' were on us. Every single person apart from Nick, Juliana, Jade and Ethan. They'd become sort of a couple now, which was pretty cute.

We ignored them all and went at sat at the back of the class where I didn't even bother to get my book out, I just took our a pencil and shoved it in my mouth. 

"They'll forget about it some time." Jerry insisted. 

"No...it's not that. I have no idea when i'm moving. If I will be, what i'm going to do. Anything." I whispered back. 

"Don't worry, we'll all sort this out." he smiled. 

"But Jerry you aren't listening. What if it's too late to be sorted out?"

The End

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