I waited for days for julliana to contact me about how jade died but she didnt call or visit and wasn't at home when I tried at her house. I was walking in town when my phone buzzed in my pocket. I knew it was julliana instantly because i had a different ring tone for her.

I answered the phone and told her about the results from detective alder. She tehn told me it was the exact same with jade. I felt a lump in my throat, there really was one killer out to kill us all, but julliana wasn't finished, "ethan has been targeted too" "how?,tell me what happened" "He was on a train and the train crashed but his compartment had been filled with gas,the same substance as killed ally and jade, we are all at the hospital so you should come too" "I'm on my way"

I had my head down walking while on the phone adn looked up to see the hospital in front of me"weird"i muttered.

I asked about ethans ward and they said up the stairs first on the left.I rushed in found julliana and hugged her then went over to ethan,but gasped as i saw jade,solid right over him,I ran to her and hugged her,glad she was back, and said "I think i've gone crazy, but I like it!" jerry told me i wasn't crazy  and I said"really"!! then I turned to ethan and patted him on the shoulder.

Then the nurse came back and told us one at a time so me and the girls stood back."so when are you out again ethan?" "they said I must stay about 3 more days" "glad you survived man" He was about to say something but the nurse came back and announced visitor hours over.

I walked with julliana back to her place and we watched some tv and ate popcorn."we must catch this killer soon" "yes but we need help,maybe we can get the detective more involved with what we found out" "it's funny that he hadn't even heard anything at all about jade" "lets leave it until the morning" we went upstairs to her room and slept together hoping tomorrow would turn out ok.

The End

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