Awkwardness Much....

As I laughed with Ethan, I didn't notice him slip his arm out, stretching. I settled back down beside him, laying on his arm. It wrapped round me, laying limply over my shoulder.

I coughed a little.

He smiled.

Someone else coughed. Ethan and I looked at the curtain around up. It rippled, and Jerry's head popped in. His mouth opened slightly, before snapping shut again.

"Jade...?" he breathed, stepping hesitantly coming closer. He gripped my shoulder, before jumping back. He looked at Ethan, and gave him a sort of 'Why you got you arm round her?' look.

"Awkward much..." I whispered.

Ethan gave him a hard stare. "She's alive. Wouldn't you hug her, be happy that she's alive?" he said coldly. Jerry bit his cheek. He stepped forward, and wrapped his arms round both of us. Ethan went rigid. Jerry pulled away, smiling.

"Where's the others?" I asked softly.

"Waiting outside. Apparently one at a time, but..."

"Tehnically, she's dead. But she's solid, and the doctors can see her. She's been here for hours. They haven't told her to leave. So she's fine." Ethan said softly. Jerry stuck his head out, and beckoned. The three others came in. The girls hung back, but Nick ran forward, wrapping his arms round me tightly.

"I think i've gone crazy, but I like it!" he chuckled.

"You're not crazy." Jerry smiled.

Nick let go, and turned to him. "Really?"

"Yep. She's alive." I giggled. Nick turned back round, and flung onto me again. I coughed, and he let go. He turned then to Ethan, and patted him on the shoulder, giving him a nod.

Julez gave a timid, jangley wave, as the charm bracelet shook on her wrist. She glanced at it, and blushed. I smiled, feeling blood flow to my own cheeks.

"Ellie." Ethan and I said together. She was stood, shaking on the spot, eyes filled with tears. She ran, and hugged Ethan, avoiding me hugely. She looked up, terror in her eyes, to stare at me.

A nurse came in, and chided them. "One at a time, one at a time!" she scowled. The girls and Nick went back outside, but Jerry stood next to me. The nurse scowled, and left.

"She's cheerful." muttered Jerry, grinning at us. I nodded. I sat back on the bed, next to Ethan.

"Now. Let's see. Ally and I were most likely given the poison in food, and it began to work when it did. Ethan was almost gased in a train. All poison, so, we have someone...who's simple. Simple, but clever. 

The End

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