Nick:death(revival of the story?doubtful.but at least its an official departure)

As i lay in the alleyway,unconscious with blood pouring from my wound,my phone lay on the sodden floor with the voices of the others. I wondered in my head if they would find me in time, but part of me KNEW inside that it was too late, that i was done for. My life flashed before my eyes,quickly at first,but slowing down to look at recen events. I was in the third person watching everything that had happened since Ally had died. So much had happened, and what passed in seconds seem to take a life time, as my body lay soaked in the alleyway.

As i began to slip away i heard deaths voice in my ear, close and deep, he sounded like the earth itself in all its might and vastness. He whispered into my ear "escape was futile Nick...did you really think you and your bunch of friends could outsmart me, or find my cause? You should have given up a long time ago, but no, you disturbed lifes course with your attepts to unravel Ally's death. Pass with ease now Nick, your time has long since come."

The End

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