It had been 3 days since Jade had gone missing,we had searched high and low but she was nowhere to be found.We had all split up night and day to search the streets and alleys.I set out again on what was sure to be another hopeless effort to find her.I was just walking down an alley when i sensed movement behind me.I spun around and I saw a masked figure,just like from the airport."who are you!"i shouted at them"what do you want from us"they didnt answer but started walking towards me.I backed away and bumped into a wall.I cursed my bad luck.Then i saw a flash of hair fall from the mask.It was jade's hair."Jade"? i asked.she halted for a second at the name"Jade what are you doing, we have been worried about you".

Then she spoke"I'm so sorry Nick"she said.she moved towards me knife suddenly in her hand.then my eyes widened in shock.I looked down to see the knife protruding from my stomach right up to the handle,blood was gushing out of the wound"wh...what have done"?I asked my words faltering as I collapsed to the floor.I shivered against the cold and hard concrete ground.

All the life was draining out of me and she just walked away.My vision was blurring.I took out my mobile phone and pressed the group call speed dial.It put me through to all the others.I tried to speak but found i didnt have the strength left to say much.In a small voice i said the name of the alley i was in but couldnt manage another word.The phone dropped from my hand to the ground.I heard a chorus of worried voices coming through the other end of the phone before my eyes closed.

The End

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