One of Us

Leon led Jade through a town, and into a large warehouse. She was shocked to see many of people all in masks and clothing like hers. People nodded to Leon as he led her through. He led her to a room, where, another boy was throwing knifes at a person shaped target board. Leon wandered over to him. Jade came in a little slower. The boy got up and flung the dagger at Jade, a sadistic look on his face. Jade squeezed her eyes closed, her hand flying up. Her hand closed around something, and she stumbled. She opened her eyes again, to see she ws holding the knife by the handle.

She felt irritated and angry, and threw it back, so it stuck in the wall behind the boy's head. "How rude." she said, without a smile. The boy looked shocked, and after a moment, so did Jade.

"This the new girl?" asked the boy, in a voice Jade knew.

"Cain?" she asked. Cain had been a boy she had sat next to at school, before she had joined Ethan, Ellie and the others. Cain had moved away, not long after that. Cain frowned, pulling Jade's mask up.

"'Ello there, kid." He said. He had always called her that. He pulled his own mask up, and nodded to her. His face had three vertical scars down one cheek. He pulled his mask down again, and so did she. Cain had bright red hair, that stuck out all over the place, and dark blue eyes.

"Jade, you'll be working with me and Cain from now on. We'll train you to act, fight, kill, and think like us. First thing you need to know, neither of us use our real names. That's how they find our families. Everyone calls him Red, and me Blade." Leon said. He pulled a white arm band on, that had a knife on it. Red had one with a splash of red, which must had been blood.

"Well, my mother and father are already dead." Jade shrugged.

"Have you killed someone?" Red asked. Jade gave a nod. "You can feel it on your hands, can't you? The blood."

"Yes." breathed Jade.

"But you don't care."


"That is how you know if you are like us. You are one of us, Jade." Red pushed an armband up, over the sleeve of the coat. It was white, with a black rose head on it.

"Rose, Ethan doesn't care for you, does he? Neither does that Jerry, or Ellie, or Nick, or Julianna, or Ally. None of them ever cared. They were all just using you. But here, we are family. We kill to live. Are you one of us, Rose?" asked Blade.

Jade touched the armband, and felt hot tears squeeze under the mask. None of them ever cared. She watched as Ally and Laura protested against it. They dissapeared as she said those words. "...Yes. I am one of you."

The End

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