Ellie: Nick.

For some reason, it felt like I had been waiting. Waiting for this day to come, where everyone would die, or at least, almost there. 

I couldn't stop panting, it felt like my breath was the only noise in the room apart from the occasional drip of water from the taps. It was amazing how no one in the airport had noticed what had happened yet though. 

No one was dead, apart from the two kids at our school, and for some reason, Jade, Ethan and Jerry had disappeared, leaving me alone with Nick, staring at the bodies. I turned to look at him. 

"N-nick where are the others?" I asked. He paused, looking down at the blood like in some sort of horror film scenario, then lifted his gaze to mine. 

"I don't know." He then replied, his voice husky like he hadn't spoken for months.

"D'you think their outside?" 

"I'm not risking looking." He whispered, sliding down a cubicle door and sitting on the wet floor. We were both pretty much soaking anyway, it hardly mattered. After a while I just looked at him, waiting for something to happen, but when nothing did I sat down next to him.

He was acting so casually about this, like it was an everyday thing. Well, these days it was.

"We have to find Jerry, and Jade and Ethan and Julianna..." I whispered, but he made a sort of wounded noise at Julianna's name.

"I don't see what difference it'll make." he whispered, pushing his hand through his hair. 

"Rather six than two Nick, and you know that." I looked down, away from him. 

"I swear I've seen so many f*cking dead bodies, I could work in a morgue and not be scared. I could kill 20 children in a row and not feel the smallest bit of pity. I could probably work for the FBI now." Nick shook his head. 

"You shouldn't say those types of things Nick." 

"What if there's nothing else to say any more?" Nick was taking all this to heart now. Nick was the boy in the group that never took anything deeply, or too heart, or anything. Almost as if he was the 'hard' one. "I feel like I should just give up, Julianna's gone, god knows where." I wanted to cry, what if Jerry was gone, "I mean who cares about love these days huh? It only hurts you too often."

"Nick, shut up." I hissed, my eyes watering. The only good thing about so much water being around was that no one could tell if you were crying. Yet apparently, Nick could. He looked at me and rapped his arm over my shoulder. 

"N'awwwh, it's cool. It's all cool, it is all gonna be cool. Just don't worry about it yeah? Don't get worked up over it, it's not worth it." 

"But Nick, it really it is worth it. Trust me,  I would know." 

"Well then Ells, one day when you turn out like me you'll realise that no one cares. So far it's me and you, we're the only ones that can keep this going. We're gonna have to try though, understand me?" 

"Yes Nick, I understand," I replied, he rubbed my shoulder.

"Just not enough though," he paused breathing out as if he'd had a cigarette and looked at the ceiling, "...just not enough."

The End

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