Loves Me Not

While the others were busy, another masked boy had scooped me up. I felt so cold at this point, I didn't even resist. He held me in a bridal position, holding me close to his chest. Whoever he was, he was war, and his hands were more gentle than te one who ha previously held me.

That was when I came to my senses. He wriggled softly, feeling him start into a soft jog. "Please. Let me go. Please." I whimpered softly. It was then I noticed the stab wound on my stomach. I gulped. "Let me down. Please."  asked again.

"You're hurt." Was all he said, in a deep, slightly rough voice. "I'm taking you to be treated." She frowned. Why would her enemy want to help her?

"Let me go, I need to get back to-"

"To Ethan? You saw how he reacted when they mentioned Laura. Can you really forget that? If he had the coice to bring Laura back, and leave you dead, who do you think he'd choose?" The boy asked angrily. I sat there in silence. He stopped, placing me down on the bench. I took this chance to look at him fully.

He wore a deathly white mask that covered his eyes, and the bridge of his nose, and a long, black leather coat that reached his calves. A black back was slung over his shoulder, and he wore chunky black army boots. His brown, almost black hair was tied back in a extremely short ponytail, and his hazel brown eyes blinked at her from under his mask. He opened the bag, and took out a thick roll of white. She noticed his hands, up to his knuckes, were bandaged.

"Lift up your top." He told her.

"What?!" she exclaimed.

"So I can see the wound." He tutted. She lifted it cautiously. He began to wrap the white around her belly, covering the wound. he tied it, using a small knife to cut the end. "Can you stand?" he asked. She tried, and nodded. He took her wrist, and pulled her towards some public toilets. He thrust the bag at her. "Get changed." He ordered. She took the bag. He gave her a quick smile. Her lips twitched. This ws a proper smile. She nodded, and went into the toilets. She came back a few minutes later, dressed in the clothing tht was inside the bag.

She now wore long black jeans, black boots like his, if a little smaller, a black tank top that hugged her, and a long black coat, similar to his, but had some silver studs near the pockets, and had a high collar. They sat down again, and he brushed her hair, tying it up into a tight bun. He pushed her sleeves up, then wrapped white bandages around her knuckles, all the way down to her elbows. Last, he took out a mask. It was white, like his, but had black lines twirling up around her right eye rom the bottom corner. He put this on her, tying it tightly. He took her wrist again.

"Come on." he said.

"Wh-where are we going?" she asked.

"Just trust me." he growled.

"No!" she shouted, making someone turn to look at them. He gritted his teeth, before taking off his mask. He stuck out his hand.

"They'll think you're a new opperative if you're dressed like this, and you can get rid of anyone you don't like. Come on. I've needed a third team member anyway. Please. It'll keep you safe."

"I...who are you? What am I to you?"

"Ethan's not as perfect as he seems, you know. Oh, I'm sorry. I'll introduce myself properly. My name is Leon. I was Laura's brother."

The End

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