I looked up at the figure on top of the school with a mix of fear and complete hatred.This was a game to him/her.If it wasn't they would just kill us all right now.I couldn't make out details as they wore a mask and cloak.Suddenly with such speed I almost missed it he fired some sort of hook and jumped over our heads to the ground.Suddenly we all realised Jade was not with us,nor had she been in the van.

We drove at breakneck speed back to the airport.It was a miracle no-one stopped us as we were all underage,driving a stolen van and going at twice the speed limit.We split up at the airport to search for Jade.I had found nothing when I heard someone shout Jade's name.I ran as quickly as I could.There was a hall and a corner before the cubicles so they did not hear or see me as i came in.I peeked round the corner to see the others facing 2 masked people who were had Jade in their arms.

Then they took off their masks and I saw it was students from our school.I suppressed a gasp but the others all gasped in shock.They looked like stidents from the year above ours.Why on earth would they want to do all this.They had made us all orphans.They put us through hell.I chose this moment to charge in and tackled the 2 students.Caught by surprise I sent them both flying,helped by the addrenaline rush of hatred.I started punching them and then tried to strangle one of them.It felt good to have my hands around the neck of those responsible for all this but the others came and held me back.I resisted,because I wanted to finish the job.The others told me we must not become like them.I fell back,breathless with tears in my eyes.Then I passed out.

The End

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