The racing car journey back to the airport to look for Jade and attempting to stay away from the chasing murderers was unreal. We were all underage, and driving over the limit and still hadn't been caught. We were doing pretty well. 

The sun was just setting, and in the truck we had stolen it had a joint front seat so I could sit as close to Jerry as I wanted while he drove, and Ethan shouting frantically about how worried he was.

"She could be dead?! Dead!" He lent over the seat from the back and shouted in my ear. 

"Ethan, you just have to stop worrying, please it makes me so cautious." I replied, turning round and looking at him paranoid. He stared back at me in awestruck wonder and slumped back into his remaining seat, looking out of the window silently like a child after a tantrum.

At that moment I sat back and muffled into Jerry's shoulder, "Maybe we should just let them kill us Jerry, i'm sick of running."  

"Don't say that." he kept his eyes on the road, as if he was mad at me,"We'll sort this out I promise to you Ellie." he rapped the arm he wasn't using on the wheel around me and held me close to him. 

Within those next moments of silence the sun began to go down, and as soon as we arrived into the airport it was pitch black with a fog covering the sky as if the stars had been stolen. 

We ran inside to the front desk, asking for an announcement for Jade. After her name being called out several time and no sign of her, we decided to check the bathrooms. I dreaded to even go into the ladies by myself, so while Ethan did his business I walked inside with Jerry. 

An old woman sat on of the public toilets inside, blood dripping from her mouth and chest onto the floor where a tap had been smashed and left on, covering the floor with water and blood. I took a gun out of my back pocket, Jerry doing the same and leading in front of me. 

Jerry kicked open the doors of the cubicles, dead bodies of young and old in several, but no Jade. We could tell she was getting close. As our shoes squeaked on every step of the wet slippery floor, we turned the corner and put out our guns. 

A figure stood there, a white mask on, facing us. It looked as if it was a teenage girl, her hair was jet black, and behind her stood Jade scared to death and a teenage boy on the other side also with a mask on. 

I wanted to scream at them insults, ask what the hell they had been doing and who they were. But they both stared, silently. Ethan entering in behind us broke the silence, and so do Jerry.

"Who are you." he hissed aiming the gun at the girl's head while my gun was at the boy. 

They both looked at each other and took off their masks. They were students. 

They were students at our school. 

The End

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