A Captive

I glanced around, frowning. Where were they? I was lost at the airport. Brilliant. A black mask slid down, over my eyes, onto the bridge of my nose. I couldn't see anything. I couldn't scream out, for some rope, or material was gagging me. The hands that held me were pleasently hot.

Pleasantly? Did I just think that? The hands were familiar to me, but unknown too. They weren't an adult's hands. They were that of someone of around my age.

But why would it be anyone from my age? Why would someone my age be a mass murderer? As an arm wrapped around my torso, I growled, as a hand touched my brest. A chuckle sounded in my ear. I felt my legs and arms go numb as I was dragged along. The material slipped from my mouth.

"ETHAN!!" I screamed. the material was replaced, and I fell into a sweating slumber.

The End

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