You're Dead. - Jerry

"You're dead."
I shook as the recorded message played through my phone without my prompting.
"You're dead." Again.
The police officer stepped back.
"What is this?" He asked in a worried tone.
"You're dead." And again.
I reached into my pocket as Ellie stifled a loud sob and grabbed onto my arm.
"You're dead." 
My phone had locked me out.
I could do nothing as the phrase repeated again.
"You're dead."
Something serious was up.
Suddenly, the police officer's mouth opened wide, and warm blood spilled from between his lips, soaking the pavement beneath us.
He fell flat on his face, revealing to us the large knife which had been jabbed violently into his neck, without any of us seeing.
As he hit the ground, my phone stopped repeating, and an echoing laugh erupted from the roof of the building behind us. We span around, terrified.
"He's dead too." And with that, a dark shadow leaped over our heads, and padded off into the night, leaving us with a dead officer of the law, and shoes covered in fresh blood.

The End

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