Ellie: Tell Them Before It's Too Late

After landing the plane, we 'borrowed' another car to drive from the airport home. Driving past the beach me and Jerry always used to go to, with the sun setting and the sea salt and wind whiping through the windows of the car. It made me happy to be here again.

Once entering the town centre, we got out of the car and left it on a street corner, first getting to Nick's house. His parents were just murdered. The police told us what happened, the rest of our families were probably already dead.

I walked up to the police man, "Excuse me, I need your help." His head looked up, he had black curly hair and stubbles and looked late 30's. I was about to tell him about how we were in trouble and how people were coming to kill us when my mobile rang, I apologised to the police officer and picked it up.


"Tell him, and I'll come and kill you right now." I froze, and the phone went dead.

Jerry walked over and rapped his arm around me.

"What was it you wanted to say?" The officer asked. I bit my lip anxiously and held onto Jerry. I had to tell the police. They would keep us safe. I paused looking around, then locked my eyes on the officer.

"Someone is coming to kill us. We don't know who, how or why. But they've killed all of our parents and their coming for us now too. We have no money, no propper clothes or home. And their coming to kill us, right now." Tears welled in my eyes once more, I had never cried so often until now.

The man stared at me and Jerry in confusion, seriousness painted across his face, he then dialled his phone and spoke to someone.

"Hello? Yes we need a bigger police survice please," he waited while they replied, "the reason? A murderer."

The End

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