Together again

I was just meeting with juli after work when I heard a bang nearby.It sounded like a gunshot.I took off running and I turned a corner to see Jerry and Ellie kissing,while blood dripped from Ellies arm.I ran over"Oh my god finally its you,do you know where the others are"I asked in a rush."everything is fine,we are all together and we are going to go home"he told me. When I heard that a feeling of pure happiness swept through me.We could not go on much longer here.

We reached the others camp and when they saw the blood stained bandage on Ellies arm the ran over with loads of questions and asking if she was alright.We put our money together and we just had enough to get a plane.Now we just had to "borrow" a car to get to the airport.

The plane journey was long and tiring,the others ralked for most of it but to me it was just a murmur as I rested in comfort for the first time in over a month.I woke up while we were just reaching land.I asked the others what we were going to do when we got back.We decided we would all split between living with each other where family had not died.

I reached the park where I live and immediately knew something was wrong.Police were everywhere.I asked what had happened and they told me the people liveing in number 48 were killed a few hours ago.My stomach lurched when i heard this.48 was where me and my parents lived.The killers had been a step ahead of us the whole time and killed my paents.I realised the same must be true for the others.We were all orphans.This was going to be one hard time to get through.I phoned the others and waited for them to answer

The End

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