Ellie: Home

I woke up alone, which was rare to find as Jerry didn't leave me often. I was on a park bench, a child standing and watching me sleep. I sat up.

"Hello." I smiled at the child. They screamed and ran away. With a moan I stood up dizzily, and walked around the park, calling for Jerry occasionally.

I heard a scream, my head jolting upwards at the noise. Worried, I peered around the corner of a wall, a hooded man with a gun in his hand casually walked up to me, quickly grabbing me and hiding me in the shadows, the gun was at my neck.

I fidgeted and scrambled out of his grip, but it was too tight. He didn't say anything, the only thing I could hear was his breath, warm on my neck. I shuddered at it. It smelt rotten.

I waited for his words, but nothing happened. He loosened one of his hands on me to jab me in the neck with the gun, and in that second, I jabbed my elbow in his gut and started running.

A man, with a gun, was chasing me in a public park.

I dodged his shots, running as fast as my feet would take me. I wasn't as scared as I should be, only because I knew this would happen some time. A shot hit my in my arm and I yelped in pain, holding the blood there and running around a corner, stopping once I saw Jerry.

"Let's deal with this calmly, yeah?" Jerry hissed at the hooded man. He backed away and ran off, he'd be back. I started shivering, it was approaching winter now and snow would be falling soon. Jerry examined my arm carefully, ripping the bottom of my shirt to tie it up, "Are you alright?" he asked.

"Fine." I murmured. He put his arm around me.

"Come on, we've found Ethan and Jade, we'll go to their home. You'll be safe there." he led me out of the park.

"No Jerry, we are not going to go hide again." I pulled myself out of his grip.

"What are you on about Ellie? Come on."

"No. We're going home. I want to go home. I'm not living a life like this, always running, it's pathetic! We're teenagers for crying out loud, what sort of kids our age live a life like this!" I shouted.

"Your right..." he whispered. I kissed his lips, tears in my eyes, my voice shaky. 

"We're going to get Ethan and Jade, we're going to steal a car. And we're going home."

The End

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