A Sweet Surprise

"Ethan, I still don't get where we're going, please tell me!" I pleaded, being dragged along by Ethan. He just grinned, from ear to ear. The past few weeks had been hard. Ethan would have gone to find food and water, while I stayed at our little home, protecting it.

Ethan says I'm fine. I say that I've gone insane. It's been so long. So long since I've been outside. Ethan wants to keep me safe, to keep me away from the danger, but I can't. I long for the days when I went to the beach, with the sandy air whipping on my cheeks, and the cool salty sea water welcoming me with its waves.

When Ethan stopped, he sent something on his rather chipped phone. He pointed, and I looked up, to see Jerry running towards us. Tears pricked my eyes, and he stopped, just in front of us, pushing his hair back. He looked so rough. I launched myself at him, my arms wrapping around his neck, standing on my tip toes. I buried my sobbing face into his neck.

"Hey, calm down Jade!" he laughed, hugging me back.

"I've missed you so much. Excuse my hands." I laughed, taking my arms from around him, rubbing my hands together. They were always dirty, with a red, sticky substance. No matter how much I rubbed them, it wouldn't come off. Jerry glanced at Ethan, and he pulled me closer, so my face was towards his chest. Something made us all jump. A gunshot in the distance. I pulled out of Ethan's arms, surprised by my strength. I placed a hand on the gun I had on my side.

"Ellie. Where's Ellie?" I asked, franticly.

"She-she's safe, it's broad daylight." Jerry said, patting my shoulder.

"It was broad daylight when my mother was murdered." I said coldly. Jerry gulped. "I'm sorry." I apologized, rubbing my hands again. I had smeared Jerry's face with it. "Jerry, you've got something, just there." I pointed. He scrubbed at his cheek, looking at his hand. Nothing came off. "Come on, let's go find Ellie." I smiled, before turning, and beginning to walk.

The End

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