Hostel - Jerry

Rough days and rough nights are what my life consisted of.
Blinding headaches randomly launched themselves into my path.
I had changed, and I was hardened to the world.
Ellie and I had found a quiet little hostel to stay for some time, on the outskirts of London.
Nobody knew us. We had new identities; Steven Smith and Amelia Martins.
We did what we needed to to get through the day.
We begged on the streets.
We performed.
We sang.
Somehow, this got us through each day, only barely though.
We hadn't spoken to the others in weeks.

I sat, shivering and uncomfortable on the grey, unforgiving streets of London.
"Please, my family is dead!" I pleaded passers by, though they all kept their eyes straight forward and didn't spare even a glance.
My phone vibrated in my pocket, alerting me that Ellie had texted me.
I turned away from the morning crowds and pulled it out to read.
It took a minute to take in the fact that it wasn't Ellie.
"Joker! I can see you. Look across the road!"
I turned and I saw a bedraggled, much older looking Ethan, standing across the road waving, holding hands with Jade.
I instantly recognised them, despite how much a few weeks of roughing it had changed them.
I got up and ran across the road to greet them.
It had been so long.
So very long.

The End

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