On the streets.

I left the hotel with Julli holding my hand and we walked,not sure where we were going aslong as it was not the hotel.We found a bread shop that had just finished baking some fresh loaves and we bought one then went to find somewhere to eat it.It was still warm in my hands as we found a small park with a picnic table at it.we ate in silence untill Julli spoke"when is this all going to end?"she asked me on the verge of tears."I dont know,we can only hope that the killer will be caught soon ,then we can go home"at that we set off again looking for somewhere cheap to stay.

We were walking for neary 4 hours and still we had found nowhere that was cheap enough for us to stay without wasting all our money.So instead we started looking for work.Julli managed to get a part time job as a waitress while I got to sort out cd's at a music shop.Not exciting but at least it payed.

We got to start straight away and when we met up again it was getting dark.We knew there was no chance of finding somewhere now so we found somewhere that looked cosy and quite on the street.I bought a small banket and wrapped it around us as we went to sleep on the cold floor.I snuggled mysef around Julli trying to give her my body heat and keep her warm.Tomorow we would have to find somewhere proper to stay but until then it was just me and Julli on the streets.

The End

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