Think Like A Killer

I listened to the snuffly snores of Ethan, and grimaced. Who was the main target? If we could first find out the motive, then who they're targetting, then what they're going to do, then we could catch them. I looked across the room, to see my uncle awake staring at a spot near the door. Strange person. It was like he was waiting for something. I got up, silently. He's not my uncle. How could I be so stupid?! I saw the glint of black metal in his hand. He was one of them. I looked around. I went over to a drawer, and turned a key. I opened it carefully, and almost began to cry as I took out a silver pistol. My father had owned it. The Bloody Rose. A silver gun, with a intricate rose, and it's name in curved writting on it's side, beside the rose.

I shook it gently. I heard a little rattle. I put my hand into the drawer, and took out a box of bullets. I covered Ethan's mouth, and shook him hard. He looked up at me worried. I put my finger to my lips before lifting the gun, and pointing it at my supposed uncle. Sofia's icy cold hand tried to rest on my shoulder.

"He's the one who killed me. Please be careful." she whispered. I gave her a little nod.

"Who're you waiting for, then?" I asked loudly. He turned, and put on the light. He held a lead pipe in his hand. I breathed deeply, stepping back, so it wasn't possible for him to get to Ethan. "Why did you bring us here?"

"I had no choice, Jade! They have my family! They've already killed my wife! They want you and that boy. They'll give me back my children." He said, his hands shaking.

"My whole family is dead. My mother, my father. I have no other living relatives! How do you think I feel?" I asked. He jolted, looking away from my eyes. I opened my mouth, frowning. "They're not all dead, are they?" I whispered, holding the gun higher, so it pointed at his head.

"A brother. An older brother. Ezhno. They took him. You father hated him. He forced your mother to get rid of him. They said they'd give me my family back. And Ezhno. I loved that boy more than his parents ever did. I'd give him a life he deserved."

"The necklaces! Did they think I knew about my brother?" I asked myself softly. I looked back at the mad man before me. "I can help you. I'll help you find them. I get you help."

"I don't need help! Why would I need your help?"  he asked, his voice sneering.

"Please, just let us go!" I exclaimed, still pointing the gun at him. I sat down on the bed, and spoke to Ethan through the corner of my mouth. "Ethan, what should I do?" I asked.

"I don't know. We need to get out of here. Now."

"Ethan, I have an idea, but you won't like it. Sorry, Ethan." I stood back up, and advanced. "If I were to kill you now, what would happen?"

"You wouldn't. Because you're just a girly who has no one."

"I have nothing to lose, now. And a nervous girl with nothing to lose, holding a gun, isn't a good combonation. Especially a girl who knows how to think like a killer." I gave an easy smile. I saw Ethan out of the corner of my eye. He knew what I was doing. It was something Ally, Jerry and I had done when we were younger. The one with the quickest mind and the quickest body won.  I was the one who won the most. This was no more than a game of wits. I had been the county gymnast champion for five years strait.

Ethan got off the bed, and came to my side. He took the gun from my hand. "If we were to shoot now, no one would here, would they?" The man' face was suddenly worried. Ethan woudn't be the one to press the trigger. I took it back, and pulled it. Ethan jumped, looking away. The shot had lodged into the door, behind his head. He grinned.

"See, you can't shoot me." he said, triumph in his voice. I looked at Ethan.

"Sorry. He killed me friend, and he killed my mother. See the sharp bit on the pipe? That's the bit he used to cut her throat." I whispered. Ethan turned away. He knew I was right. The shot rang out, and the man squealed, clutching his leg as he fell down. He laughed. Ethan took the gun angrily, shooting, over and over. Silence fell. I gulped, and Ethan gave me the gun back. I gave him a nod. We serched about, and found another gun; a chunky black one, and amunition. "I'm sorry Ethan."

"We both have blood on our hands now. It doesn't matter. Let's serch some more. I doubt these are the only weapons." he said, before going to his bag. He got changed, while I serched, then we swapped. Between us, we found three daggers, and a bottle of poison. I attached two of the knifes round my waist, then pulled a large jumper over them. The Bloody Rose hung from my hand. The other dagger, the poison and the other gun went to Ethan. We covered the body, before taking a long drink of water, our phones in our pockets, and all of our money too, before leaving lighting a match, and setting our bags alight. We left, heavy-hearted. I held Ethan's hand tightly. We would fight fire with fire. I knew Ethan loathed the poison that lay in his pocket, but he kept his hand on it.

The End

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