Ellie: Just Keep On Running.

Somehow, me and Jerry ended up in a field. A big, empty field. Nothing but thick corn. I lay next to him, silent, listening to the wind. We were in a town called no where.

"I miss home." I whispered. 

"So do I." Jerry replied, taking my hand and holding me. 

"Everyone knows that we can't keep running forever. This is just gonna get worse and worse." I shook my head, frustrated. 

"We'll figure something out. But we can't worry for now." 

"Jerry my parents and my family have probably all been murdered by now, and a stranger is coming to kill us too for no apparent reason, and you're telling me to not worry? I'm petrified." Tears welled up inside my eyes, but I bit my lip to stop me from crying. 

He cuddled me closely, kissing my hair and humming to me. I couldn't bite my lip any more and just cried. My family were dead. We both had no where to run, no where to go. We were just in an empty space, running and running, never looking back but never getting any further.

"I'm so lonely," I cried, "I can't live without my parents and my mother. I feel so alone. This is horrible." I cried, almost screaming but didn't, not wanting to get shot by a farmer for being in his field. "We're both going to die. I can't live without you Jerry." 

He took my face and forced me to look at him. 

"You've got me! You've got me Eleanor. I'm right here!" he shouted at me harshly, but only to get it into my thick head. I looked down then back up at him. His eyes were so big, heavy bags underneath, messy hair. I broke the long silence of us staring at each other.

"Then why do I feel so alone?" 

The End

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