Death At Every Window, And Life At the Open Door

The words came up at the bottom of the screen in big, bold print.

Teenage girl murdered and gagged by mysterious killer.

I dropped my plate on the floor, listening to the smash but ignoring it. A picture showed of the girl in my nightmare last night, tall, but with pixie-like hair. She looked a few years younger than me, and looked quite cute looking. A video of her parents showed up on the screen, both of them being interviewed in tears.

"Whoever did this to our daughter is sick."

When you think about so many bad things happening, you seem to forget about the good things. But you shouldn't, everyone knows you shouldn't. When you're living you should be happy at all times.

But it's quite hard to do that all the time.

Love pops up in your life and likes to punch and stamp on you a lot. You just have to fight through it. You have to love the person you're with with everything. Because when they leave, their the only person you'll be missing.

When Ally Prior died, it hit a lot of people. They never knew it would happen. They never thought it would. But it did. The blood and the tears and the fact that she didn't deserve to die.

But no-one knows who killed her. And the detectives and police are beginning to give up with everything that's going on already.

So that's why me, Ellie, sits here next to the one I love, Jerry, and all of my friends and family. Because a train crashed. Because we did what we weren't supposed to be doing. We made innocent people die.

Let's just forget about this, no matter how hard it is. We'll just open those windows of death, let it all out, but just close that door. And forget those memories that aren't meant to be in our head.

Let's find out who killed Ally Prior, not for ourselves, but for her.

The End

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