This is about a near murder victim taken to a research lab to be experimented on by the government to make a weapon that is a angel hybrid, her name is Venice she will be used to destroy the united stateds enemies. But escapes to find who she is because she ahs yet to discover who her family and she really is, without being forcefed lies by a strange yet unusually nice doctor. and has fate will have she is not the only human geneticall altared human to have walked the earth, and find her way out


The first thing I remember when I woke was the strong smell of disinfectant and bleach, as if I were in a hospital. But deep down I knew I was far from any hospital that I knew of. Groggily I sat up, bringing my hand to the side of my throbbing head. Before I blacked out I remember something heavy bashing across the back of my head. I couldn’t exactly tell you who had done such a horrible act…I paused a moment, a face swam through my mind. I shook my head violently. No, he couldn’t have. He would never betray me like that. I stashed the thought away for further contemplation and slowly looked around the room that I woke in. the first thing that I thought of was that I was in a lab, but why?

I tried to stand but my body swayed threatening to collapse. I staggered back against the chair that I had woken in and started to panic. Where was I and who put me here? Why would they want me? I was as useless as a mouse with a spoon! I closed my eyes, thinking back to the last place I was before I was knocked out. Nothing came to me. I tried to think harder but all it did was increase my headache. With a troubled sigh I tried to walk around again but extremely slow. My steps were staggered but eventually evened out.

I was right about one thing though; it was indeed a lab. The glass instruments placed neatly on the silver tables, neatly stacked books sat next to them. I approached one of the tables that had mostly books and a reading lamp. I picked one of the books up and noticed that it was a biology book based on the human body. The book under it was on the same subject but more advanced. Glancing off to the side of the books I noticed some paper work and a file. The file had my name on it. My eyebrows furrowed at this as I opened the envelope. Someone was definitely doing experiments on me but for what reason?

“Why me?” I asked myself

“The reason is because you’re special and unique.” I whirled around at the voice, dropping the file and scattering the paperwork on the floor around my feet. A male in a lab coat stood in the doorway, staring me down with she ice blue eyes,  his blonde hair slicked back to a tight ponytail. His slacks were neatly pressed and creased and his dull green turtle neck just barely showed under  his fresh lab coat. He took a step in the room and closed the door behind him without taking  his eyes off me.

“Who are you?!” I shouted, bringing my fists up to the level of my chest. He just smiled at me as he took another step closer. I tried to back away from him but I had forgotten about the table behind me and I knocked into it, stumbling a bit, though I refused to take my eyes off him. I could feel my heart rate increase as my fear began to devour my mind. What could I possibly do? I was helpless! I was trapped in this room without a way out for he probably had the key that locked and unlocked the door.

“I asked who you are!?” I threatened though it wasn’t very meaningful. I could feel my fear building ever so slightly at  his silence. Honestly it scared me that he wouldn’t answer. This time he looked me in the eye.

 Venice, do you know why you are here?” I glared at him. I had asked him what his name was, not my name! I tightened my fists to the point my nails were digging into the skin, a few drops of blood fell to the floor silently. The man took another step towards me, his hands raised.

“Now, Venice, be good. Don’t go hurting anything or anyone.”

“Oh like yourself? I don’t even know who you are so why should I care?” I bit back hoping he would back off. He paused a moment looking at me hard like he was trying to make up his mind about me.

“Venice, please understand, not only for me but for you too.” I shook my head and turned from him.

“Not until I get answers!” I gripped the side of the table in front of me, my knuckles turning white. I heard the man sigh behind me but didn’t turn to look at him.

“I am the head scientist here at Axion Labs. My name is Dr. Jacob Wolf.” Dr. Wolf lowered his hands to his pockets as he looked at me. I could feel his eyes searching my back. He was probably hoping I would turn around and return the eye contact but he was mistaken. With my silence, he continued.

“I found you barely alive in the woods. I then brought you here and fixed you.” At this I did turn to look at him. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. I was an experiment! A monster doomed to a life of loneliness and emptiness. Unclenching my fingers, I noticed that my nails had dug deep into the palms of my hands, blood trailing down my arm and to the floor. That’s when I fully noticed my arm. I turned it over and examined it closer. Black spider like veins traced my arm from the back of my hands all the way up the top part of my forearm to the sleeve of the white t-shirt that I was currently wearing. Dr. Wolf approached me further and lifted the shirt off my back. I flinched away from his touch but the sight of my skin in the full length mirror stopped me in my tracks. The veins didn’t stop at just my shoulders. They crisscrossed up and down my back forming a design that resembled wings.

I looked back at Dr. Wolf with a horrid frown before my fury replaced my fear. This was beyond inhumane, even for a scientist.

“Do the rest of your employees know about me?” I asked him, snatching my shirt out of  his hands and sliding it back on. Dr. Wolf shook his head.

“No, they don’t and I would like to keep it that way. If they knew what I made you, they would want you for…something far worse that it’s not a thing to talk about now.” I walked across the room, head down in thought as I listened to him explain. I glanced back at him from my pondering, noticing  his half smile I huffed in annoyance. I know I should be grateful for  him saving my life and all but I just wish he would have left me at the place he had found me to die. I growled in frustration, my hands clenching again. I stopped in front of Dr. Wolf and closed my eyes, my head lowered and my hands balled tightly. I let my anger travel down my spine. I heard him gasp a bit.

“Venice, please, calm down. I can’t afford you to destroy my lab plus it would gather the attention of the other scientists and possibly the media and…i… it’s too much attention for my liking.” He stuttered. Dr. Wolf turned from me as I opened my eyes. I glanced down at the back of my hands to see that the black veins had changed to a glowing white that seemed to give off a cold heat. Looking down at my back I could see that the veins on my back that formed the wings were glowing brightly through the back of the shirt. The thought that crossed my mind was that I was a freak, but this only made me angrier and I glared at Dr. Wolf.

“How dare you,” I whispered darkly, “how dare you bring me back and turn me into a monster.” Dr. Wolf frowned at my accusation and tried to come closer to me but stopped at seeing my anger pour out of the veins.

“I only did it to save you, Venice” I huffed at this, not believing a word of what he said. How could i? I didn’t know him and I obviously didn’t trust him. With a dejected sigh, I watched as Dr. Wolf turned from me and walked out of the room. I was alone again…and probably will be for the rest of my life as long as I remained here in this…jail. With a shake of my head I moved to the corner far from the door. Pulling my knees to my chin, I wrapped my arms around my legs and rested my head on them. I had to find a way out, even if it meant digging my way out-which was totally out of the question.

That night I waited till I could hear the last car leave from the parking lot, which is another thing I discovered. Dr. Wolf had improved my hearing to the point to where I could hear the sound of someone’s heart beating. I wasn’t sure if that was a good thing or not but I knew that I had to get out of here if it meant my survival. That was all that mattered, my survival. I had put that before everything else and all the other questions that were filtering through my mind.

Once I was for sure that the last employee had left, I stood from my corner and glanced around the room again. There was no window that I could break through. Of course there wasn’t any windows, that would be too easy now wouldn’t it? I crossed the room again to the closed door which was obviously locked from the outside. I placed my hands on the door and closed my eyes. Carefully I let my anger towards Dr. Wolf build again to the point I wanted to hurt him. All the hateful thoughts of what he had done to me gathered like black storm clouds in my mind, traveling down my spine and into the black veins that ran across my arms and back.

Through my eye lids I could see the white glow pour from my skin. I was afraid of my new power but I also had a strange sense of courage that I could master this. The white light surrounded my body and gathering down my arms into my hands. My back began to burn slightly from the veins but I kept my eyes closed, focusing on the gathering power. Soon I heard loud cracking like wood splintering. Barely I opened my eyes and saw that the door had deep cracks scattering across the surface of the frame and wood. As I increased my pressure, the cracks deepened to the point that the door instantly shattered.

Wood shards flew in every direction, a few barely missing my own head but the reward was great. A cold gust of air hit me like a tsunami. I took in a fresh breath of air, which felt better than the stale air that had been trapped in the lab room. It was different too. The outside air didn’t have the disinfected smell to it or the smell of cleanser or sanitary alcohol.

I opened my eyes again, peering into the dark hallway. I stepped out, half thinking that a janitor would still be here, but I heard nothing. With a daring decision I made a choice and headed down the right side of the hall, glancing at the name plates and names of the rooms as I passed them. Some belonged to some of the scientists and others were laboratories. I was not about to stop and ask as to what type of laboratories they were nor did I have the desire to know. Every fiber of my being told me that this was not a friendly place or that the people here were interested in helping me as Dr. Jacob Wolf had said.

I continued to follow the darkened hallway till I came to a set of stairs. Well it was better than waiting for the elevator or risks having it get trapped between two floors. With a reluctant sigh I stepped into the stair well and made my down the long and exhausting way, not that it really bothered me. A few minutes later I found myself at the bottom of the stairs and on the first floor of Axion Labs. The building’s name was in large metallic letters just behind the front desk where the secretary would normally sit during business hours. With a glance behind me, I took one last look at the stairs that led up to the other floors and laboratories. Deep down I prayed that I never saw those rooms again or anyone that worked up there or more specifically Dr. Jacob Wolf.

I looked away from the stairs back towards the front door, the only thing separating me from my freedom. Confidently I strode across the white tiles, the moonlight reflecting off them.

“I cannot let you leave.” I stopped dead in my tracks and slowly looked behind me. I was sure that the lobby was empty other than me. My eyes scanned the shadows of the room  and stopped at the doorway behind the front desk. How did I miss that? I turned to face the person preventing my freedom. The owner of the voice remained in the darkness, I frowned at his silence.

“Excuse me? I do believe that I will leave.” I was prepared to turn away from him, prepared to leave this horrible place behind until the next phrase stopped me in me tracks.

“You have nowhere to go, for you are neither human nor beast.” My heart skipped a beat when he said this and fully looked at him as he stepped from the shadows. How could I not be human or beast? What did that make me? Surely I was at least half human, surely I was at least that! At my silence, the being continued.

“Well, you were once human, but that no longer matters. What matters now is that you were chosen by the government for the government. You see, you were made for our use as a weapon and I simply cannot allow you to leave. That would be irresponsible of me to allow a being as powerful such as you to walk freely among the humans. Now what kind of person would that make me?” When he stepped out from the shadows and into the moonlight filtering through the ceiling windows, I could see a horridly twisted grin on his face like he had won some kind of game, or like he had me where he wanted me.

I took a step back away from him, afraid of what this man could do to me. I could feel my arms start to burn that cold heat again. From the corner of my eye I could see the black spider veins glowing again with whatever was infused in my skin. The man stepped forward towards me again, his pale yellow skin looking grisly in the moonlight. His eyes had a greenish yellow glaze with dark circles surrounding them. His fingers were long and spindly with ragged nails finishing them off. His black oily hair hung down in his face, acting almost like a curtain that reached his boney shoulders. Everything about this man screamed walking death to me. It was like he would topple over with the first gust of wind. How he managed to survive was far beyond me. I took another step back away from him, my own shadow stretched across the tiled floor. Glancing back over my shoulder I could see the street from behind the glass doors. As if reading my mind, the man chuckled.

“Oh, you’re not going anywhere, experiment A-001. You have nowhere to go.” He laughed wickedly as looked from him to the double glass doors then with a split decision, I broke for it. With a strong enough kick to probably kill someone, I smashed the glass, shattering it to millions of pieces. I heard the guy scream in anger from behind me but i didn’t look back to see if he were following. Instead I leapt through the metal door frame that once held glass; I plunged into the darkness of the silent street that was once occupied by busy people going to and from work or just trying to find something to do.

My blood pumped through my body as I ran, sweat pouring from my forehead. I didn’t dare stop to see if I had lost the mad scientist or whatever he was, I didn’t care. Nor did I care to find out what his name was. My main priority was to get as far from Axion Labs as I could, no questions asked. Then I would figure out what my next move was once I found a safe place…wherever that was.

I continued to run until I could see the peak of the morning sun rising on the horizon behind the trees and the scattered houses on the outskirts of the city, though I had no idea of where I was at the moment. I came to a slow stop just on the side of the road, the morning fog rolling across the pavement lazily. My muscles burned slightly when they should have been burning with pain and exhaustion. Instead they tingled with a comfortable feeling of being heated. I flexed my arms, the black spider veins jumping every time. What had they infused in me to make me no longer human?

I couldn’t tell if I was even alive. Surely I was, wasn’t i? I raised a cool hand to my chest, barely feeling a slight heartbeat just underneath the skin. So I wasn’t dead. Then what did that make me? I looked up, hearing the distant rumble of a car pounding the pavement. Turning I started jogging, pulling the thin jacket that I had grabbed from the lab over my shoulders. From behind me I could hear the car approach gradually but from the side I could see it crawl along next to me, the window rolled down.

“Kind of early for a jog, isn’t it?” the woman asked, smiling brightly. I glanced over at her, her black hair shoulder length, standing out against her soft, pale skin. Her green eyes smiled back at me without hatred or ill intent towards me. The blood in my veins burned like cold fire, spreading to my back. I painfully smiled at her.

“Not at all, actually its quite nice.” I glanced around as I said this, feeling uneasy about her. She tilted her head, like she was making an assumption about me.

“Well, why don’t you climb in? It looks as if you’ve been jogging this whole road!”  She laughed pleasantly and motioned me to climb into the passenger seat next to her. I hesitated a moment, not really wanting to trust her since the ordeal last night with Dr. Wolf and the guy that looked like Death had knocked on his doorstep many a time. With a reluctant sigh, I walked around the front of the vehicle as she unlocked her doors to her Jeep Liberty. Carefully I opened the passenger door and climbed in, strapping the seat belt across my lap. It gave a satisfied click as it locked in and I looked up at her, her green eyes following mine almost hypnotically. I looked curiously at her before anything really came to mind as what to say.

“I’m sorry; I don’t really know your name.” I said, searching her face. She made a little gasp that was followed by an uncomfortable chuckle.

“Oh I am dreadfully sorry, it’s Raven Fleetwood. What is your name?” My gaze left the window and the world beyond it and found her glancing at me from the road in front of the vehicle. Last time I heard a name given to me was by the “good Doctor” Dr. Jacob Wolf. What was it that he called me?

“It’s…Venice…just Venice.” She blinked at me.

“Surely you have a last name? Everyone does.” I sighed and looked down at my hands that were folded neatly in my lap. I could feel the car pull over and hear the engine die. Looking up questionably I saw that Raven had parked the car alongside the road. She unbuckled herself from the seat and was turned halfway, looking straight at me; her green eyes piercing me to my own seat.

“Venice, everyone is born with a last name. Who are your parents? Where do you live?” I broke from her gaze and looked out down the front of the Jeep’s hood, a puzzled look etched on my face. Come to think of it, I don’t ever recall my parents or whereabouts I lived. Nothing was ever told to me. Glancing down at my sleeved arms, more questions flooded my head like a tsunami, waiting to be answered or wanting to find answers. More and more questions poked and prodded my brain for results as the minutes ticked by.

“Venice?” I looked back at Raven as her voice pulled me from my troubled mind. I couldn’t answer her…not now anyways. She placed a cool hand on my arm. I jerked slightly from her fingers.

“I don’t know. I don’t know who my parents are or where I live.” A concerned gaze settled on Raven’s face as she watched me. Slowly she pulled her hand away from me and began contemplating her own thoughts.

“Well, I’m on my way home from working, why don’t you stay at my place until we figure something out.”

“‘We’?” I looked at her perplexed as to what she meant. Her warm smile returned to her face, covering her concern for me.

“Of course. I’m not about to just set you off on your own until I’m certain you’re ready.” I nodded slightly as I looked away from her face again. I just wasn’t sure about this or if this would even work out.

“Unless you’re like some kind of killer, which I doubt you are.” She laughed again as she started the Jeep and pulled it back onto the two lane highway that I had been jogging and continued down the road.


Dr. Jacob Wolf drove silently down the road towards Axion Labs, the subject of Venice still on his  mind. Yes he was very impressed that Venice had done so well with the infusion but the girl was still incomplete. her body was still generating and developing. Heck Venice still needed to grow her wings! As to why they hadn’t formed yet were still beyond Dr. Wolf, but he figured it would be soon and that the wings were just a little late.

Dr. Wolf sighed as he saw the building rise into view, the morning sun rising over the horizon and glittering off the sign at the front gates. As he parked and got out, he felt like something was wrong, as if something was missing. He locked his car and walked up the front walk away from the street and stopped dead in his tracks, a horrid look crossing his face.

The glass to the front doors had been smashed, the shards coating the floor like snow. Immediately he ran through the shattered glass, dodging the ragged glass still hanging on the metal door frame and tore open the door to the stairwell, skipping every other stair.

Time seemed to drag Dr. Wolf down as he climbed the stairwell to the fifth floor of the building. Sweat built up on his brow the higher he got, his leg muscles screaming for the abuse to stop. His breaths were short and labored but somehow he managed to reach the fifth level, barely any air left in His lungs.

Dr. Wolf took a moment to catch his breath then practically ran to His room, or what was left of His room. It was as he had feared. Venice had managed to somewhat understand Her powers and use them enough to escape from Axion Labs. Maybe infusing angel blood in a half dead human wasn’t the best thing in the world to do. The only thing he could say for the experiment was that it was successful, but even then it really wasn’t. Dr. Wolf had planned that the angel blood would repair the damaged human DNA and support the human half and have both halves work together, but in reality the angel blood had done what it was supposed to do: heal the human DNA. But it had gone further than that; it had literally abolished the human half, erasing it entirely. Venice was no longer human. Dr. Jacob Wolf was the first person on the Earth to actually create an angel hybrid.

He took pride in this knowledge but also it hurt him. He knew what kind of things awaited Venice Blackthorn. The things  his employers wanted to use the girl for was horrid and inhuman. The doctor was sure if it were anyone else would perish a horrible death just from the “simplest” tests that Venice would undergo.

Dr. Wolf stood in front of his crushed door with a sinking feeling. Venice had nowhere to go, no family to call her own, or any friends to stay with. Well he was sure that Venice had previously had friends, though he doubted that the girl would remember; the chances of her remembering she past were severely remote.

The doctor shook his head slightly as he stepped through the broken door and into the room itself, seeing several cracks in the wall coming from the door’s frame and spreading along the sides of the room. He walked over to the desk where several papers were strewn across its surface. Nothing was really hurt, just disorganized.

Sighing, Dr. Wolf gathered the papers, filing them to their correct placement when he received an astonished greeting from out in the hall.

“Dr. Wolf! What on earth happened to your lab?!” he turned to see his secretary, Karoline Eaves, standing in the hall her hand over her mouth. Dr. Wolf moved in front of her, his hands up.

“Please, it’s nothing Karoline. Just a little accident, that’s all.” his ice blue eyes searched her face calmly. He didn’t want to scare her just make sure that she was alright and major word didn’t get out about Venice escaping in the middle of the night.

Karoline tried to look around her boss to try to take a look at the room behind him, but she was unsuccessful. Instead, Dr. Wolf had moved Karoline further into the hallway, obscuring her vision of the room.

“Please, everything will be alright, Karoline, just have someone come out and fix it. I am going to have to take off today. There is something that needs my immediate attention.” He said with a nod, moving around the slender red-head who flustered a bit as he moved.

“Sure, Dr. Wolf. Is there is anything else today that you wish for me to do?” Dr. Wolf looked down in thought. After a few minutes, he shook his head.

“No, I don’t believe so, Karoline; just make sure that you cover for me today.” He tried to smile pleasantly, to cover the real worry that laced his face and his voice. Karoline frowned but nodded. She could tell that something was bothering the good doctor but she let the subject go, assuming that it was none of her business and that Dr. Wolf could clear it up.

With a heavy sigh Karoline turned, pulling her books closer to her chest and walked back to the office styled room right next to her employer’s lab. She pulled out her office keys, sliding one into the lock and opened the door with a satisfying click. She stepped into the office with soft steps and closed the door behind her.

Dr. Wolf watched as his secretary took her residence in her office with her work. He didn’t want to stress her out more than she was at the moment. Right now, all she needed to worry about was her daughter, Olivia.

With another shake of his head, Dr. Wolf pushed back his black hair with his fingers and walked back to the front lobby of Axion Labs and out to his car. At this point the sun had reached over the peaks of the trees and buildings from the city and was dancing off the windows, greeting everyone to a new day, though for Dr. Wolf, this day was going to be long and tiring one.

He had no idea on where to begin to look for Venice let alone where the girl might go. For as far as he knew, Venice knew no one or at least didn’t remember anyone from her previous life before the accident that left her dying on the road.

Dr. Wolf drove down the road back into town, driving slowly so he could watch for Venice, though he doubted that the girl would stay on the road.

I watched as Raven pulled into a little suburban neighborhood, the large homes placed right on top of each other. I glanced at Raven briefly then back out at the homes that were starting to gather the morning sun on their windows.

Raven continued to drive past all these magnificent homes until we reached a large cul-de-sac with even larger homes that could almost be called mansions. I didn’t say anything as she pulled her Jeep Liberty into one of the drive ways that was connected to the largest home in the cul-de-sac. This time I really looked at her, a sheepish grin spreading on her face.

“I live here with my brother, who happens to be a surgeon.” I frowned and looked back at the house which towered over the other homes, gathering more sun on its black roof and its many windows.


Raven pulled up to the large double door garage and killed the engine. With a pleasant smile she looked over my way.

“Well, this is It Venice. My brother left out earlier this morning so…” she looked over at the house before she unlocked the doors and stepped out. I followed suit, really unsure of what I should be doing. Raven saw my hesitation and laughed.

“Don’t be concerned, Avery won’t mind. In fact, he will be off later today so you will get the chance to meet him.” She smiled as she led me to the front door and unlocked it, pushing it open for me. I gave her a doubtful look before gradually walking into the house.

I stopped in the front foyer and gazed around the enormous room with its grand Persian rug displayed neatly in the center of the room, an overstuffed couch under the large bay window, with a dark cherry wood grand piano diagonal from it. Next to the piano a decent sized bonsai sat quietly and gracefully.

Hung around the dark red walls were   Japanese writing beautifully done, surrounded by painted cherry blossoms. More cherry blossom trees were painted elegantly along the wall surrounding the window, reaching the tops of the ceiling. Raven came in behind me, watching me with interest.

“This is amazing.” I said looking back at her stunned. She blushed lightly and looked away. I tilted my head, wondering why she suddenly went shy.

“I was the one who painted the cherry blossoms.” Raven fiddled with her fingers as she said this, avoiding my gaze. I studied her face with incredulity.

“Really, you must be what, 18?” she laughed and shook her head blushing even more.

“No, I’m 19. My brother, Avery is 25.” This time she looked up at my face, studying it carefully like she was considering it or pondering about asking me something. Abruptly, Raven walked around me to guide me through the rest of the massive house. Reluctantly I followed her without another word, gazing around me at the walls and other decoration.

Every now and then she would glance back at me as we ascended the enormous spiral staircase leading up to the other floors just past the foyer, two dragons sitting at the base of the banisters holding the railing up with the tops of their heads. We continued to climb until we reached the second floor, with two more dragons at the top of the banister, guiding the railings with their backs once again holding the tops with their heads.

All four dragons were crafted magnificently, polished with the finest nickel down to the smallest scale. Even the eyes were well crafted down to the pupils. I stopped to admire them, Raven walked up beside me, her gaze following mine. She sighed heavily and I looked at her with curiosity.

“My father made these dragons before he passed away. They were his last project…the last thing Avery and I have of him.” Her fingers grazed the ear of the dragon as it gazed back at her silently. I watched her face as the memories of her father raced through her mind. I felt kind of uncomfortable as I stood there, next to her. I felt like I should say something to comfort her. Moving a little closer to her side, I placed my hand gently on her shoulder. She regarded me a moment before sighing and moving down the hall away from the stairwell. With a look back at the dragons, I followed her wordlessly behind her.

Raven came to a stop at a closed door, looking at me expectantly. I frowned and looked back, observing her quietly then glancing at the door as she opened it.

“This will be your room, for now anyway until we can figure something out.” She tried to smile at me as she guided me into the large room which was decorated just as the foyer; with the dark red walls, black curtains and cherry blossoms painted just along the door frame and above the threshold. A large vanity sat across from the queen sized bed, dragon hands as the feet of the dark cherry wood furniture. An elegant chair came with the vanity, tucked underneath it. A large metal dragon surrounded the large circular mirror, holding it with its snake like body. On top of the vanity was a lamp, the shade a dark purple almost violet. I looked over at Raven curiously.

“Into the dragon theme much?” she laughed and sat on the bed.

“My father was Japanese, so yeah….he was the one that was into the whole dragons and shetory. I think it rubbed off me a little.” She said, glancing around the room then to her own art work surrounding the doorway. I followed her gaze a moment then looked away, unsure of what to say to her. I heard her sigh as she walked back out into the hallway, I glanced at her curiously.

“I’m dreadfully sorry, but….i have to go….attend something.” She tried to smile at me but I could tell the smile was a forced one. As quickly as she could, Raven slipped around the corner of the hallway and down the stairs. I tried to catch sight of her fleeting back but she was quick; the tip of her long black hair whipped around the corner and vanishing down the stairs. I sighed, looking back over my shoulder into the bedroom. It was way too large for my liking but I wasn’t about to argue with Raven. The large room was better than that laboratory that I woke in.

From down below the floor, I could hear the sound of a door slam with heavy footsteps following immediately afterwards along with harsh words of a male. Silently I made my way to the top of the stairs just to the point where I could see Raven and another male alongside of the banister.

“Avery, what’s going on? Why are you home so early?” I watched as the male glared over at Raven with a disgusted look, feeling my fists coil like angry snakes.

“Not now, Raven, I’m not in the mood. Just leave me be.” Avery took two side steps around his sister and started to ascend up the stairs but froze as she grey eyes met mine.

“Who are you and what…” he looked back at Raven for an answer or even an explanation. I stepped back from the top of the stairs, my fists coiling again in defense.

Faster than I could blink, Raven ran past Avery and put her hands on my shoulders.

“Avery this is Venice, she will be our guest for a while until we can find someone to help her out.” Said raven getting a little hostile on my behalf, and all her brother could do is look so shock at the appearance of another girl.

“I guess we will have to talk some at dinner,” he said a little ruefully correcting his behavior his eyes turning silver and it caught me off guard and I saw a memory a flash of those in a forest somewhere before I had been.. Knocked over the head with something….

“Do I know you?” I said feeling an itchy feeling run up my back until it turned in to a painful sweltering agony that ripped up the spider like veins melting off the shirt that raven gave me to borrow to cover my breasts.

Something was trying to claw itself out of my back and I couldn’t contain and then I went comatose and I felt strong arms lift me and carrying me to a great height proclaiming that I was one of them a silver angel. And that is all I recollected before the obscurity completely consumed totally incoherent.



TO BE CONTINUED...........

The End

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