Death and the Maiden

An outburst of words. It doesn't really have any meaning or purpose, I just think it's... intelligent sounding.

The mind works in a certain way, which enables you to be taken over by it completely. It's strange. However hard you try to rid yourself of a thought it never seems to recede. Like death; to think you're going to die, although been totally defenceless against it, and in the vein of love; to love somebody who you know cannot possibly love you back.

An impediment such as this is known to be enough to make grown men cry, or adolescents retire from their constant cycle of getting drunk and taking drugs. But for me, I wouldn't say I varied from my natural state within the three month period. Or at least I believed that I maintained my state of mind throughout.

But when it came towards the final stages, I grew to be distraught and unrecognisable to my fellow acquaintances. I lost all hope in life. I know longer willed to be successful. And most of all, the notion stuck there, unwilling to quit the irritation of my brain; does he love me?



The End

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