Death Has a HunchMature

She continued gushing, ignoring my not-so-subtle eye rolling.

"Well, I met up with him in the city, and we got to talking--"

"You mean, you followed him."

"What are you talking about?" Grace asked, completely flustered. Her normally snow-white cheeks flushed bright red.

"Admit it, Grace, you followed the guy. I saw the way you stared at Eddie the day we showed up for Julius' soul, and when I noticed you poking through the Recycles, I checked on a hunch, and sure enough, Eddie's file was missing."

Grace's mouth twisted into a sneer. "A hunch?  What gave you the right to spy on me?"

"Just doing my job, sweetheart. Regulations, red tape. You know, the usual. Don't take it personal."

"I'll be sure not to. Thanks for the warning." She turned her back on me and calmly began packing her belongings into her bag. Her back was ramrod straight. I cleared my throat, suddenly nervous for some reason.

"Hey, Grace, where are you going? Your shift's not over."

She hung her head forward so that her black curtain of hair partially covered her face and laughed. The sound of it was like a broken wind chime. "Me? I'm going on a date with Eddie."  

She slammed the door shut behind her, the violent wind of her sudden departure rustling the stack of papers on my desk. Her last words rang in my ears, a ceaseless echo: "Good-bye, Death."

The End

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