Death Is A NaturalMature

“My name is Jeff,” I said. “This is Grace.”

Grace nodded to Julius. He smiled back at her. I drew him in.

Then Julius glanced at his body, and the two EMTs working on it.

Julius freaked out.

He slipped out of my grasp and literally leapt out of his skin. He shot up and wedged himself into a corner of the ceiling.

This was bad. Julius watched the EMTs try to revive him, even though he was already lost to them. And if we didn’t work quickly, we would lose Julius too. Out of the body, the soul would soon dissolve. If Julius’ soul wasn’t soon captured, everything he was would be lost to oblivion.

Grace sensed this. She reached up toward Julius. “It’ll be all right,” she said. “Please come down.”

Julius looked down at Grace. Her voice was soft, her eyes sincere. Soothed by her presence, he drifted down and took her hand. She held him close. “It’ll be all right,” Grace repeated as his soul compressed into an orb in her arms. “I promise.”

“You,” I noted to Grace, “are a natural at this.”

The End

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