Death: Duty CallsMature

Grace spoke, but her voice went deaf on my ears. Only the klaxons rang here. My face must have gone ashened, as Grace touched my arm, “Are you alright?”
I started, and looked down at her blankly, “Duty calls, Grace,”
I turned away from her, and made for the door. She ran after me, “Take me with you. Show me what you do!”
My heart sank. “I’m not sure that such a…”
“I want to see!” she was adamant.
I conceded, “Come with me,”
Once outside, we could not be seen.
“Take my hand,”
She did, “So cold,” she shivered.
“That’s part of the gig, Grace,” i said.
With a word, we were ethereal and I warned, “You may wish to close your eyes!”
She did.
The scene was bloody. Drug deal gone bad. Grace opened her eyes and took in a sharp breath.
“My god!” she trembled.
“He’s not with us today, I’m afraid.”
Julius Ramirez lay on the ground a gaping hole in his chest.
“I don’t want to die,” his throat gurgled.
Eddie was a busy man tonight.
“This one’s mine Eddie. You’ve done all that you could!”
Grace cried.

The End

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