Death and CircumstanceMature

I almost forgot my purpose. I wondered if she really saw me, or if her eyes had simply wandered in my direction.
“Where are you taking him?” Her voice was free of all emotion and of all reason. “I mean, where is he going?”
That’s the question I imagined they would ask if they could.
And I’m nearly never wrong.
I couldn’t answer her. They don’t tell us things like that, if you’re wondering.
Her face remained resolute as she stroked the face of Andre’s soul. “This is the second one you’ve taken from me.” Her voice was rough but quiet.
Ashamed, I turned away from her. My job here was done.
My job is done. My job is done.
I refused to look into her eyes again.
They say that Death is heartless.
That may be, but Jeff has a heart, indeed.

The End

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