Norwood, Louisiana

"You don't look the part."

Her words confused me a bit. I didn't really understand what she meant by that. I didn't look the part, the part of what? "If I may ask, what do you mean by 'I don't look the part'?"

"You don't look like the girls from around here. You look like one of those fancy city girls," she got a look of nostalgia in her eyes as if she was reminiscing of a better time, "with their stylish clothes, their education, and their pretty faces. Not that it's a bad thing because compared to the girls around here you'd be a catch. Speaking of which...I have a son. He's about your age, if you want to meet him."

My cheeks flared up at her last statement, and I patted down my gray skirt and looked at my long-sleeve pink top.

Did she really just offer her son to me? What lady does that? Oh, god.

"Oh you're adorable. Callum would just love you." She said, giving me my Frappuccino. Her hands brushed over mine, letting me feel the softness of her lightly tanned hands. "Please have a seat. I would love to keep talking to you. I never get to talk with anyone new."

I couldn't say no to her, and I could actually use some company.


Besides I didn't know anyone else in the town, and she seemed more than capable of letting me in on a little gossip.

The End

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