Norwood, Louisiana

Norwood, Louisiana made me depressed, and despite the feelings it gave me, I knew that I would grow attached to this small town. It barely held more than 300 people, but it was different than the big city that I grew up in. I had never felt more alive, more real.

My black heels clacked on the bricks I stepped on, as I made my way through the center of Norwood. There were many shops lined on the four streets: a gas station, a clothing store, a small diner, a book store, and my favorite, a coffee shop. The size of the town really worried me, I wasn't sure if they would have one, but they did. It was named "Lauren's Coffee," my guess it was the owners name.

I opened the door and stepped inside. I was startled by a lovely, quaint voice. "Welcome to my bakery. How may I help you?"

She was a beautiful lady, probably in her early forty's. She also held a gorgeous smile on her lips. It was the type of smile that made the corner of your lips tug upwards, incredibly contagious.

I stepped up to the counter, my stomach pressing into its edge. "Yes, may I have a White Mocha Frappuccino?"

"Of course my dear," she said, stretching her pink lips into a broad smile. The woman pushed her blonde hair behind her ears and got to work on my drink.

"You're not from around here are you?" Her voice had a hint of a twang in it, making her question seem more bizarre to me. It reminded me of a clip from a movie.

"No ma'am. I'm not." I started to get a feeling of being empty, thinking about the reasons of why I was actually here. I was ready for these feelings to pass because they were starting to make my chest ache.

The End

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