Norwood, Louisiana

Natalia Fetchwall has lost everything. She was sent to a samll town with a population below threehundred people. Natalia arrived at her aunts and uncles house in Norwood, Louisiana, but when she arrived they were no where to be found. She meets a nice lady named Lauren, who owns a bakery and is married to a council member, which is more like a dictatorship. Natalia meets a girl named Carter and Lauren's son Callum. This gets her into trouble with Death. Especially when he tries to drown her in t

It was the year 1972.

I was beginning a new year of school in a new town. It was supposed to be a new change in scenery, so that I could forget and restart my life. Instead of having a new start, I got a small town that pulled at my heart.

I was sent here by Child Protective Services to live with my aunt and uncle. I've never met them before, and I'm not even sure if they know that I'm coming. And, even after being here for a week, I still haven't seen them since I moved into their home, so I decided to leave the stale emptiness of their house.

The town was small and pretty, but in the center of town many people had gathered around. The town square seemed like the hot spot to get together, to hang out, and to spend time with others. It made me feel quite alone. It made me realize that I had no one, more than I ever felt in Harlem.

Norwood, Louisiana made me depressed, and despite the feelings it gave me, I knew that I would grow attached to this small town. It barely held more than 300 people, but it was different than the big city that I grew up in. I had never felt more alive, more real.

The End

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