Death and More Death 16-21

In these chapters, Miranda's mom sprains her ankle, then sooner after she falls on it again. Mrs. Nesbit dies suddenly in an unknown cause. Miranda's family gets sick so she takes a trip to the hospital to find everyone dead including Peter. (her mother's boyfriend) In the night in Miranda's house, their furnace backfires, which Miranda realizes can kill very quickly so in a daring act she drags her family out of the safety of their home.

The theme of this novel is survival of the many obstacles people endure. When Miranda and her family have the choice of whether to continue or to meet their demise, they work together and try as hard as they deem necessary in order to survive the global dispute. So the theme of Life As We Knew is that any obstacle you face in life you can push through it with your family at your side.   

             In the novel,(Life As We Knew It) the force of survival pushes the main character’s to live and take care of their own. Once death and the chance of death comes into play, it motivates people to give the force of survival all they’ve got. They put their survival is four wheel drive so they can conquer the hill, or in this instance to conquer natural disasters and the moon hurtling towards earth.

The End

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