Death and Birth

The screams flew all arouind the caslte, bouncing off the walls and making anyone inside, and many outside, hear the queens pain. Childbirth was the hardest time, everyone knew it, death always stalked births tracks; often catching up with it or over taking it. Then silence insued, every solider, servant and child of the royals drew an anticipation breath, not knowing what to expect.

"Hallelujah! Hallelujah, HALLELUJAH!" the kingly voice screamed from the queens bedchamber. the delighted king sprinted up and down the hall, sqeauling with pleasure.

"Darling" a faint voice called from inside the kings chamber. the voice was tired and broken, but still had the greatest element of joy in its tone. the king immediatly skipped into the bedchamber, closing the door behind him. Helen, the queens nursemaid, cooled her brow with a wet flannel, bringing some comfort.

"What? whats wrong" his higness immediatly assumed something was wrong. That assumption was natural after the previous unsuccessful births. the queen slightly laughed at her husbands instant reaction then invited him to sit on the bed with her hand. she patted the space next to her while she fed the princess in her caring arms.

"What shall we call her? for a princess must have a princessly worthy of the beauty she is" the queens voice had a spark of excitment in it, trying to re-excite her husband, giving him the naming rights. His majesties eys lit up, he knew the princesses name.

"Halle, Halle, halle get down before father comes" Tiernan grunted, trying to tempt the small princess out of the leaves of the oak tree.

"ooooh, i found a squirrell hole"  Halle called, completly ignoring Tier's warning and demand.

"He comes, get down halle" he frustratedly called again, this time with some manner of impatience. Halle stuck her hand into the hole and pulled out a few empty shells of various nuts. it looked like this place was abandoned.

"what are you saying to that tree tier?" the king asked as if tier was an infant. tier immediatly turned and hoped that halle would keep quiet.

"i was just pondering my thoughts father" tier replied innocently, kicking a few leaves. his heart pounded inside his chest, lying to the king was not easy.

"well dont do it out loud, people will think you mad" he playfully clipped tier round the ear, laughing as he did. "by the by, im looking for halle, helen seems to have lost her again" father looked around the private garden anxiously. trying to divert the attention from me and the tree, i started another sentence.

"why do you employ her father? halle is always running off about the castle. i wonder if halle even likes helen!" tier laughed uneasily.

"no, helen is very good with halle. halle wont have anyone else, she gets in a state without her. halle just feels the need to be free, just like her mother." father sighed, letting the breeze blow coolly over his face, breathing in deeply.

"but if she.." tier began. he was interrupted.

"helen used to tend your mother. i could not fire her, she has sentimental value. and she is very good for halle" father silenced tier with a slight anger to his tone and mood. that was the only warning tier needed to stop pushing father.  no-one actually talked about mother in great detail. she was an angel, one whose name was precious and memory was pure, her death shortly after Hallelujah's birth was the contrast in the best and worst day of the kings life.

"hello daddy" halle called as she jumped from out of the tree's branches.

"Hallelujah, may i ask what the devil you were doing up there?" his voice angry but keeping it hidden from his precious gem.

"urmmm, just exploring. tier knows, dont you Tiernan?" Halle explained sweetly and truthfully running into father for her hug. his soured look to tiernan was a hint for what was to come.

"now what have i said about climbing trees?" the king gave a short smack on the backside to his gem before sending her on her way. his attention turned to tiernan

The End

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