Four young men and women sit in a comfortable little waiting room and discus their fate with Death as they wait for the three Fates to finish their busy work.


The waiting room was decorated like an old woman’s apartment. A bit stuffy but the fact that it was homey was undeniable. I found that it was an easy transition for most. It was comforting, like visiting grandma.

I alter the number of seats when it becomes necessary. Right now there are four. Four comfortable old chairs spaced about the room, one in each corner. Each chair currently holds one body. In one sits an attractive young red head in a coral colored dress, In another a young man in a black pinstriped tux with a silver vest, and yet again another one seats a young man in a white tux. The last chair plays host to another young lady wearing a white dress. Each person is marked with bruises and lesions. Blood stains each spiffy outfit. No one is saying a thing, they just sit there, dazed and confused. Their eyes sweep the room and seem not to take it in. No one panics.


It makes my job that much easier when they are accepting. Its so very hard to make one’s self heard over the loud chatter of questions and denials that usually spring up in these situations. It also makes my job harder. These are the ones that I generally like. The ones that are accepting are usually patient, kind, logical and above all, good.

Taking them from this world is not a kind thing for me to do but it is a necessity. Death is a harsh thing but it is paramount to keeping order. The world cannot thrive with overpopulation. The herd must be thinned and there are certain rules by which it must be done. First, there are no exceptions. When your thread is cut, it is cut. No exceptions. Second, when you are dead, you cannot come back. No exceptions. Third, you have no say as to when one and two happen. No mortal has any real say in anything pertaining to mortality. It’s true that the higher power gave all mankind freedom of choice and thought. But everything is predestined. Everything has already unfolded infinite times before his all seeing eyes.

I suppose in some weird way it makes sense that everything is predestined and freely chosen. It may seem as though a contradiction in the eyes of a mortal or even an immortal like myself but he is beyond contradiction. He is beyond everything. My contact with him has been sparse at best. I can only recall being entirely at peace. Serenity bordering on an insane jubilance radiated through my very incorporeal being.

I step into the room. Not using anything that would be considered a door by mortal standards. I simply stepped through the fabric of being. I step right through the correct fold and into the center of the room. It must have given them the effect of suddenly appearing, like magic, from thin air. The red heads eyes widened, the white tux guy jumped to his feet, the pin striped boy straightened in his chair but the white dressed girl smiled. She knew what the others didn’t. She knew me; she had seen me before when I took her mother. She was so young then, I am actually surprised that she remembers me. I return the smile and rest a reassuring hand on her shoulder. I stretched through being to rest my hand on her shoulder. To her credit she barely shuddered away from my hand. Such a brave girl, I hope she gets to live.

All four threads had been tangled in a messy little snag. Only one ends. The rest continue on. My arm is back at my side as though it never left me.

“Listen well young ones. We have a small dilemma on our hands. The fates are scouring the tapestry at the moment and we must wait for them to finish their pressing business to continue. Until then I can field any questions you may have for me.” I smile and wait politely for the first query.

“Where are we?” asks the red head, Erica I think. I peek into my office, my case work is sitting spread open on my desk. I spot the name, yes, Erica is correct. The other girl is Samantha. The boys are um… yes here it is, Joe in the pin stripe and Jake in the white.

“Well Erica,” I say with a friendly smile, “we are currently in Death’s waiting room, and I, as I am sure you have guessed from that information, am Death.”

The End

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