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Linda Halls is a nineteen year old fed up with life and decides to take the easy way out. Yes she commits suicide but her journey doesn't end there. She is then admitted into the afterlife where she needs to learn to let go with the help of a soul catcher named Kimberly. Emerson is a Halfie as they say in the afterlife; a person stuck in a coma and he wants to help Linda find her purpose. Will he help her? Is there a way to get back? Well I don't know have to read and find out...

Dear You,

Life isn’t for the weak, the strong, or faint at heart even if you know it’s not going to be a field of sunshine. No one can “handle” life without feeling distant or as if they’re hanging on by a thread watching their body being possessed by some lifeless soul. Like a puppet you can’t control. Who really wants to be present for something no one wants to live. People who are happy living their lives are liars. NO ONE IS HAPPY!

My time here hasn’t been much nothing short of nineteen years but I think I want to be a coward. You know, leave this place… it’s funny because I’m not crying. In movies when they write their goodbyes they cry hysterically wondering if they can go through with it. I am tired of living in the shadows of something bigger than I. Oh, trust me I have tried to conquer and believe in myself. It’s not possible. I am not asking for help or forgiveness, because I am not unhappy with my choice and how to deal with what is happening around me. So, goodbye to everyone not just you my love, my time has ended even at the ripe age of nineteen.


                                                  Gone and Please forget me.  


            “There,” I sigh and put the pen down beside the notebook paper. My fifth suicide note this month and I can’t seem to get what I want to say out. I don’t want to sound like I’m in self-pity but I am not quite strong. My life isn’t so bad; I am just tired of being here so I guess I am a coward. Like I said life is not for the weak.  Lately I wondered how I wanted to go; maybe a cliché like the slit wrist and the bathtub. Then it would be too painful for my family to hear… oh I know the whole hanging myself! No that would be too painful for me if I don’t do it right. I sit back in my chair and rub my hands over my face. Then it hits me like a lightning bolt. Carbon monoxide poisoning, I get up off the armchair with the note in hand placing it next to my gas stove. I turn the burners on and leave them without the flame, gas filling my nostrils. With that I leave the kitchen into the bathroom and take my last shower letting the water sooth over my skin. I get out after a quick rinse and step into shorts and a tank top, lying in bed with wet hair and my robe wrapped around me. Clutching my locket that hangs around my neck I drift into a soft slumber. My breathing becomes less and a choking feeling settles into my dreams.

            Light hits my eyes and I open them slowly a bit pissed my plan hadn’t worked out. “Shit,” I mumble and get up feeling lighter than usual.  I stand but feel like I am touching nothing. I wrap my robe closely around me.

            “Ahem,” A voice startles me and I turn to my bed screaming. I am laying there sleeping or looking like I am sleeping my right hand clutching my locket and the left cuddling a pillow. I step closer and I look pale but not nasty just like a porcelain doll. A woman is sitting on the edge of the bed petting my hair. Her face is blue and hair tied back into a messy bun.

            “Who are you?” I ask and she smiles softly.

            “Kimberly,” she whispers looking down at my body and then at me.

            “Am I?” I stammer and she nods slowly standing up or more like gliding to a standing position. She was in a dress; classy with a nice view of her perky breast.

            “Yes, yes you are,” she giggles and her sparkly nails reach out and grab my hand sweeping us back almost near the window as banging interrupts our minor conversation.

            “Linda!” Kristopher’s voice echoes through my empty apartment. He sounded distant like he was the one dead.

            “We can hear him but he can’t hear us,” Kimberly comments and spins around the room passing through the furniture. I nod listening to the splinters of the door being busted down and the heavy banging of his work boots.

            “Oh my god! Linda, wake up sweetie, please wake up!” He screams gripping my limp body and shaking it furiously. I shake my head and Kimberly hugs me from behind feeling like a mist.

            “Please let’s not watch it makes me sad,” she whispers and I close my eyes to find myself in an apartment. I then feel a pulling sensation and Kimberly grabs my arm sharply shaking her head. I smile softly and sit on a rusted chair by a large window.

            “Where are we?” I ask and she smiles brightly.

            “Ah something like, the Afterlife,” she sighs, “in-between, except we’re lucky because we aren’t in a no return zone. Now that would suck.” She giggles and goes into another room gliding about the floor. I watch out the window and there are many people down below some with faces burnt off, arms missing, even heads chopped off.

            “Huh,” I huff getting up and touching the glass window shocked that it’s solid and not vapor. Kimberly seemed to go through everything.

            “It’s surprising though, you aren’t freaking out,” she laughs and I turn around startled.

            “Oh,” I manage to say not really knowing where to go from here. I was dead… and I wanted to be right? “I have to get some air,” I whisper and shake my head, “I just need time to adjust sorry.” I shrug and open the raggedy door into a hallway. People are resting against the wall and I keep my head held high and stomp down some steps. Finally I am in muggy air, thick and heavy on the lungs. I take a deep breath and end up choking on it.

            “You alright?” A man’s voice laced with an Irish accent pops up. I nod not facing him afraid to see what he looked like.

            “Yeah I just. I’m new here,” I offer and he chuckles deliciously.

            “Ah, I figured as much,” he teases and walks out in front of me, “the names Emerson,” His hand grips mine in a firm hand shake. His face wasn’t blue and there wasn’t a mark to be seen. I wondered if he was really dead.

            “Linda,” I whisper and look up into his gray eyes clear as the sun. His hair was messy like he just got out of bed.

            “Well can I show you around? I don’t bite much,” he grins and offers his arm. I shake my head looking back at the crumbled building and back at him.

            “I don’t know you. For all I know you could kill me,” I reply and then mentally punch myself in the face.  He laughs and a warm sensation floods through me.

            “Um I don’t know if you haven’t noticed but you’re already dead,” he smiles and then that pulling sensation happens again.

            “Linda, don’t talk to him,” Kimberly’s voice penetrates the feeling and my senses come back. Looking back startled again.

            “Why?” I ask and she pulls me away before I could protest while he winks and flashes away before my eyes.





The End

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