Dear Victoria...

I have a friend, who moved far away and we haven't had been in contact for the past four years. I e-mailed her, and sent her letters, but she never replied. I guess it's time for me to just let go, but I hope that she's out there somewhere reading this.

Dear Victoria,

   Remember in 2nd grade we were on the same bus to go on a field trip? It was really fun playing rock, paper, scissors, but I think you were cheating! Every single time the bus would rock or shake, you changed your guess. I got mad and started pulling your long blonde hair. "That's cheating!" I yelled and yanked harder on your braid.

   "Nu-uh!" you just protested and then slapped my hand away while pulling my own black hair. Afterwards, we just started fighting and punching each other until the teacher separated us. Do you remember Mrs. Judge? She still works at that same elementary school! I visit her a couple of times and even corrected a few papers for her.

   Well, eventually we started laughing since we kept sticking out tongues out at each other to see who actually won. I remembered that we both ended up losing, or winning, since both of our tongues started turning a funny white color, all dry. We laughed and jumped off the bus while the teachers got off too. We were in the same group, and for the entire day at the Pumpkin Patch we pretended to hate each other. It was really funny now that I remember because at the end, we hugged each other.

   My mom asked me after school how my day was and I just started laughing my head off. When I finally got home, they kept on asking me but I just laughed harder if possible. I just went to that same Pumpkin Patch and there was only a couple of pumpkins. I picked a small orange one, it's right next to me right now. Since I'm not very good with a knife, the face looks misshapen and deformed. I'll have to remember to make it face the wall when I go to sleep.



The End

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