Dear sole mate,
Peter kissed me today. He chases me around the playground all the time. All the kids tease me about him, -espeshully- especialy Anna and Christy. He asked me to mary him but he's gross and he eats ants... 

Graham was startled out of Becky's private thoughts when the phone rang. He scolded himself for reading it again as he dug for the cordless phone, which was hiding under a pile of newspapers. 


"Hi Graham."

"Catherine, hi! Is everything okay?"

"Why do you ask that? Does something have to be wrong for me to call you?"

Graham scratched his head and made an effort not to sigh. "Of course not. It's just been, what, a week and you haven't called... I'm glad you did, though," he added hurriedly. "You'll never guess what I f-"

"You didn't call either. The telephone works both ways you know. I'll show you how sometime."

"Did you get my email?"

"You know, Graham, I forgot why I called. There's someone at the door. Can I call you back?"

"You're the one who called me in the first..." but Catherine had already hung up. 

Graham sighed and put the phone back on the newspapers. The journal lay open on the table. 

Dear sole mate,
Peter and Tyler were fighting over me today. I kind of like Tyler. He is good at hanging upside down on the monky bars. Yesterday I watched Cinderela and Mommy said that you are just like the prince exept even hansomer...

Dear soul mate,
Daddy says I am a princess. I wish I was a princess. Then I would be beutiful and wear a crown. And all the princes would want to dance with me. And Mommy and Daddy would be king and queen and they would never fight. 
So if you are a prince, I can mary you and be a princess! And then we will have true love's first kiss and live hapily ever after. 

The phone was ringing again. 


"Graham, do you love me?"


The End

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