Greta's 2nd letter

Dear Mr. Claus,

How are you? I hope you are well. See! I started the letter like that again! I haven't forgotten! Mommy would be really really really really really proud of me!

I tried to be good this year, I promise. I didn't bite Lucy again and Ms. Murphy even made me apolijuyse apollijise appolleguy say sorry to her! Richie isn't being bullied now, because Ms. Murphy said I was brave and stood up for him and Lucy was just a big big bully. Am I on your good list Santa? I'm firgevi  firgiv forgiving and nice this year. I hope Lucy is on your extra naughty list.

Oh, and my wand didn't work. I tried it but Mommy just stood there and didn't turn into a cat. I even brang it to school and broughted it to class to try it on Lucy, but she just laughed at me. I bet you she'd be scared if she watched Harry Potter. Richie sayed that I just forgot the words, and Lucy better watch out when I remember them!

And Mommy said you drank too much milk, because we had to go for two days without it before she buyed bought some more. I told her that it's okay because you won't get fat drinking it.

Greta Jeanine Murdoch

P.S. Daddy finally cleaned the chimney, but now my stocking is all sooty. Watch out for the sooty stocking Santa! You might get a cough!

The End

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