Greta's 1st Letter

Dear Mr. Claus, 

How are you? I hope you are well. Mommy says to always start letters to important people like that. And you are a very inportant important person Mr. Claus. Because you give everybody around the world presents on Christmas. Even all the way in Antarctica (Ms. Murphy showed us how to spell all the contenents continents yesterday!). 

I think I am on your nauty naughty list right now, but I didn't mean to bite Lucy on Monday. Well, I did it on purpose but I'm really sorry, Mr. Claus. She's just so mean to Richie, and he never gets into trouble. I bet he's on your nice list, because he's so nice to everybody. It wasn't right of Lucy to take his apple and it's my job to protect Richie as best I can. I sweared to him I would! I really am sorry and I hope it's not too late to put me on your nice list. 

Maybe if you get me a magic wand like Harry Potter I can make all the naughty people be nice people and then nobody will be mean to Richie or anybody else. That way everyone will be happy as a clam. Like my Mommy allways always says. 

I promise to leave you extra cookies and a big glass of milk. Mommy only buys the kind of milk that doesn't make you fat so it doesn't matter if you drink alot. 

Greta Jeanine Murdoch

P.S. Please be careful when you come down the chimney. Mommy is always mad at Daddy because he has not cleened cleaned it in a long time. 

The End

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