Jack's 8th Letter

Dear Santa,

Sorry that I haven't been in touch the last few years, I hope you understand. To be honest, I had given up on you completely after the dinosaur/motorcycle incident a few years back, but I promise I wasn't terribly naughty afterwards!

Well, maybe a little, but this year was a clean slate so you can't hold 2010 or 2011 against me!

Anyway, I've decided to write you again on account of the progress that you made last year, despite my lack of letters. Obviously you have a good memory for someone your age, although you should really keep my letters on file to keep the details straight.

I am very thankful for the bicycle last Christmas. You even remembered to make it green! It has served me well the last year.

However, I feel it necessary to remind you that I asked for a green motorcycle, which is basically like a bicycle but with a motor to make it go reaaaaally fast. I understand you might not have these at the North Pole, and that your elves might not be good mechanics, so I have included a few cut-outs from my dad's magazines. Don't worry, I used his old ones in the bathroom so he won't be mad at me.

Please say hello to Mrs. Claus and Rex for me. I hope he's not eating too much, and that you're keeping him seperate separate from the reindeer. Cows are his favourite, but he'll eat a deer in a pinch.

As always, any further instructions will be delivered to you by mail.

Happy holidays,


The End

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