Jack's 7th letter.

Dear Santa,

Do you remember me? I hope you do. I’m the very good boy who wanted a tyrannosaurus/velociraptor/stegosaurus/motorcycle last year. I’m also the good boy who didn’t get a tyrannosaurus/velociraptor/stegosaurus/motorcycle last year.

I got a Prehistoric Island Lego set.

Nice try. But I’m smarter this year, and know all about your little loop-holes. So this time, I want a real velociraptor. One that is large enough for me to ride. As such, I would also like to have a saddle for my life-size real velociraptor, preferably Western. I rode a horse over the summer with an English saddle, and I didn’t like it very much. So a Western saddle would be better.

Also, please make sure that my velociraptor is a boy, ‘cause boys are stronger than girls are and I need my velociraptor to be strong so he can carry me. Someone told me that girls are smarter than boys, but that’s okay ‘cause velociraptors don’t need to be smart as long as they have big claws and big teeth.

If any of my requests change I will write you again.

Please don’t disappoint me this year, Santa. If you do you’ll cause me to be a bad boy, and then I’d just blame it all on you ‘cause it would be your fault.

Oh, and thank you for the helmet last year. At least you got that part right.


The End

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