Greta's 4th Letter

Dear Mr. Claus,

Last year I got a Barbie for Christmas. And the year before that I got a Furry Friend. I wanted something magic! Mommy said it's because I haven't asked you for anything specific (Mommy had to spell that for me), so this year I'll ask you for something specific.

I want;

1. A Harry Potter Book of Spells

2. Some Hocus-Pocus Fairy Dust (I saw it in the shop, and it's really really really pretty and really really really sparkly. Can I have the pink and green ones please?)

3. And a HUGE HUGE HUGEMONGOUS sherbet fairy wand with orange flavoured sherbet. (Am I specific enough?) Please. Mommy said to be polite.

This year my wand started working again. Daddy had to go out to the shops and get a special magic booster which looks like a really really really small gluestick. He stuck it in the back of the wand and now the magic is boosted up! But I lost it and I think Lucy did something to it on Show and Tell.

Bye bye Santa! I hope you get heaps and heaps of cookies and milk! I made some chocolate chip ones this time, usually Mommy makes some ones with nofat and nocalories and nosugar. Those ingredients must be really bad because they taste like flour.

Greta Jeanine Murdoch

P.S. I have been a good girl this year. Really good. Really really good. Really really really good. No fights with Lucy except for when my wand disappeared. But Richie found me a funny looking magical stick in the playground instead, so I didn't do too much bad stuff! I'm still a good girl!

The End

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