Greta's 3rd Letter

Dear Mr. Claus,

How are you? I hope you are well and haven't caught that cough from my sooty stocking. This year Daddy didn't clean the chimney, and Mommy put the stocking through the wash, so it's alright now. I hope you don't get scared coming into our house because of the stocking!

I'm on the naughty list again, I think. My wand stopped working even after Mommy told me the real words that I had forgot. The lights stopped coming out of it and it didn't flash. I think I tried too many spells on Lucy. She never did got turned into a toad. Richie still says it's because I forgot the words, or my magic was too good for my wand. Richie's nice.

And Mommy said that I always cross out my words, and it looks scribbly, so I have to use an eraser. Now I have immaculate spelling (my Mommy t0ld me to put that in, but I don't know what it means. Maybe you can help me, Santa?).

This year after Mommy put out the milk and cookies, I added some more milk so you'll never run out. You must get really, really, really full from drinking everyone's milk and eating everyone's cookies! 

Greta Jeanine Murdoch

P.S. Make sure you drink all of Lucy's milk and eat all of her cookies so she has none left.

P.P.S. Thank-you.

The End

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