Luca`s letter

Alo... My silly older brother Micael is so anoying he is still here aldough he has finish his letter and since it is my turn i will disregard him and go on to my list. " What ? Mummy is saying don`t be rude Lucas (that is me), and properly introduce yourself."

"Ok ,mum". Seriously sometimes mums can be so weird, why is micael laughing ?Couldn`t my parents have choose a better brother surely it was not that hard?

Mummy has this face that says she will talk to me latter, and micael for whatever reason is now on the floor laughing is head out...Weird family...Now about my letter i am only 5 so mummy is writing , but i still get the presents right?

So about the list mummy and daddy were very specific about this "Only three requests !" So i don`t really have an option here. She is making the face again, silly mummy !

Three that is going to be hard, but here is my list :

. Because i know my brother i want a cat (ih ih ,to anoy his dog).

.I guess i do know my brother so well because i know he would have asked for my wishes to come true( he did ? Didn`t he?). So it is only fair i do the same in return.

.I spoke to mica (that is my brother-only one thank God !), and we decided we wanted the same thing so my last wish is for mummy and daddy. I would like for us to be a family again.

That is all my wishes . Mummy says you know were we life so i am saying bye bye.

          Thank you for my presents last year how did you know what i wanted i did not send a letter then?

          Or any year before that, i guess you are very good at your job. You should ask your boss for a raise, until next year ...

          Your little friend

                                        Lucas Vieira Dos Santos

The End

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